Do you wake up in the morning with a tensed face? Well, you will no longer be if you sleep with yoga in your mind. That lazy feeling and worried face is only because you have had a bad day at work a day before and, don’t wish to feel the same awful feeling when you get up next morning. Don’t be disheartened as you are not alone in this list; majority of us have the same feeling because of the work day stress. The concern is how to turn it good? Yoga is the answer to all your issues related to work stress and worries.

Signs of work stress:

• Lack of sleep
• Inability to get up
• Lazy mornings
• Awful feelings
• Tired face
• Work insecurity
• Morning sickness
• Heart palpitations
• Panic attacks and more…

How can yoga help for work day stress?

Yoga postures and exercises help you rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. You feel relaxed despite a tiring day at work. One of the major distractions that we often face due to work pressure is a negative attitude. This attitude makes us think worse that we end up making more blunders. Yoga focuses on balancing your emotions, relaxation of mind, and attending to your body disorders. It helps you to bring back what you have lost and that is peace. We shall share a few yoga poses that will keep your body active and drive away the day stress from work.

6 most effective yoga poses to conquer every day work stress:

1. Adho Mukha Svanasana:

Also known as Downward-Facing Dog in English, the asana takes care of your whole body stances and stretches the muscles to give you increased flexibility. After all that tiring day at work, you certainly need to do this. As you sit for longer hours in your office chair, your legs get really cramped. The asana relaxes your neck, back, and legs by providing blood flow throughout the body.

2. Tadasana:

Tadasana (also known as the mountain pose) is an all-time stress reliever. All you have to do is leave your chest open, keep your feet wide apart, bring your hands up to your head and gently bend backwards. As you bend backwards, your back stretches and gives you the perfect relaxed feel.

3. Matsyasana:

The fish pose or Matsyasana posture in yoga normalizes your breathing pattern. While continuous typing or working on the office desk, we often forget to take deep breaths and keep ourselves calm. Follow deep breathing exercises for 15 to 30 seconds when you perform this asana. It releases the stress from your joints, neck, throat, and head. This asana also helps to prevent spondylitis.

4. Baddha Konasana:

One of the most relaxing and peaceful asanas in yoga is the Baddha Konasana. It helps those people who have a job of sitting for longer periods. This asana opens the hips and removes any discomfort that has been caused due to longer sitting hours at work. Baddha Konasana works great on soothing sciatic nerve pain.

5. Bhujangasana:

You need to have practice of some days in order to perform this asana. It helps in elongating your spine and opens the chest. While you perform this pose in yoga, remember to release your jaw and face. Avoid any stress on your face or it will not solve the purpose of relaxing your back after a hectic work schedule.

6. Balasana:

Balasana is a must for those who wish to enjoy what they do at their work. It is a child’s pose and the secret to his/her happiness. It relaxes your shoulders, arms, and back by simply bending on the ground.

Apart from the above poses, you need to learn a few pranayama exercises that you can do even while sitting on your office chair. Follow a standard breathing of three minutes at least for every asana. We wish you a healthy and peaceful life with yoga.