Summary: A retreat is a time for peace and relaxation. This article informs its readers why to go for a yoga retreat in Nepal.

The land of Nepal tops the bucket list of many travelers and wanderers, especially the trekkers. Why would it not? The destination boasts of the tallest mountain ranges, thick jungles, beautiful water bodies, and a quaint life. Representing every feature of the world in a unique way, Nepal is a gem to be explored.

Eminent as the ‘Land of Lord Buddha’ and traditional home of Meditation, Nepal is renowned as a yoga teacher training and yoga retreat destination across the globe. The 14 days yoga retreat in Nepal is an opportunity to discover the natural and spiritual treasures of this divine place while having a frolicking time out.

Go to a yoga retreat in Nepal. Learn Why?

1. The Impressive Landscape: The distinctive features of Nepal that make it stand out include not only the snow-covered Mt. Everest and the high altitudes but also the impressive natural bodies and its overall ambiance. Besides the high mountains, Nepal is home to many gorgeous glaciers and rivers like Kosi river, Gandaki river, and Khumbu glacier. A yoga retreat in a place adorned with unblemished natural beauty like Nepal gives a golden chance to run away from the polluting urban life and to embrace the magic of purity. In nature, you can restore your health to its optimal level that is quite impossible to attain in the toxic city life.

2. Land of Spiritual Practices: Owing to the busy lives, you hardly get time to work on your body and mind. So, a yoga holiday is a great option to set yourself free from the mundane routines and to indulge in yoga and spirituality. Moreover, there is nothing better than choosing Nepal as your retreat destination. For centuries, yogis have traveled to the mountains for performing sadhna and attaining enlightenment. Nurturing the traditions of yoga for years, Nepal promotes authentic and eastern meditation practices that you can imbibe by taking 14 days yoga retreat in Nepal.

3. A Hub of Diverse Activities: During a yoga retreat in Nepal, you get a chance to take various adventure sports and excursion activities as this destination has breathtaking landscapes, beautiful Stupas, and a pampered wildlife. The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu is a cultural hub and also the home to largest Stupa, the Boudhanath. Take nature walks, spot Rhinos, and Tigers, and of course, trek the Annapurna range to experience the rush of adrenaline. Nepal is also the place with many hiking opportunities.

4. Embrace Peace & Serenity: With the Buddhist influence, plenty of nature, and diversity of religion, it is no wonder that Nepal is a happy and sacred place to be. This place offers you ample space and time to reside in peace and to spend time in self-contemplation whether you are doing temple hopping, trekking, or any other activity.

5. Eat Nepalese Cuisine: Nepal is a multi-geographic, multicultural, multiethnic, and multilingual country, where food is heavily influenced by its neighbors — China and India. Dal Bhat and Tarkari is the staple diet of Nepal, packed with essential minerals and vitamins. On yoga holidays in Nepal, you can relish diverse Nepalese cuisines that are high in sattvic content to boost your health and immunity.

6. The Magic of Ayurveda: Ayurveda massages and therapies form the major highlights of several yoga retreats in Nepal. The Ayurvedic treatments by certified doctors of this field are effective in fostering relaxation and wellness that has been hampered due to a stressful life.

Be inspired to take a break from the monotony and head to the land of Nepal for a unique, relaxing, and healthy retreat experience.