Summary: Himalayan retreats make for excellent opportunities for adventure and spiritual travel. Read to know why you must undergo this transformative experience.

The Himalayas- it’s a long way from home and a long way from anywhere else on earth. And yet, the collective spiritual consciousness of the subcontinent is never without the imaginings of divinity manifesting in the remotest corners of the world’s loftiest mountains. These mountains have been holy to man since as far back as one can remember.

Home to Shiva- the supreme god, the creator, transformer, and destroyer, the Himalayas is where your seeking should begin and is also where all seeking end. Make a Himalayan Yoga Retreat count when planning your spiritual itinerary across India, because—

Places of Religio-Spiritual Importance

Sthan mahatva or the notion of numinous value specific to a place is an important concept in the Hindu spirituality. The idol of a deity can be consecrated only at a place that resonates with spiritual fire. It is for this reason that hundreds of pilgrims travel in the Himalayas all through the year to bathe in the spiritual energies of the ancient sites. A Himalayan retreat shall encompass a carefully curated itinerary in the mountains of such sites of famed Sthan mahatva.

The retreat on the move will take you through Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world, on to Devprayag, where the holy river Ganga confluences with Alokananda. The journey proceeds to Rudraprayag- another of the sanctified confluences of Ganga as she descends towards Rishikesh. Next, on the pilgrimage, we will cross Ukhimath where Lord Kedarnath presides and further on to Tungnath Temple in Chandrashila- one of the highest Shiva temples. The journey gets as exhilarating as it is full of piety.

Yoga and Meditation In the Great Outdoors

Mountains high and mighty rising magnificently from all around featuring steep rock faces, deep trenches, gullies and high passes, punctuated with cascading waterfalls, crisscrossed by the fiercest of rivers springing into your path from glacial heights—a road into the great outdoors can be an adrenaline overload. Surprisingly, there is a deep calm in nature beneath all the turbulence and ferocity. The placid glacial lake of Deoriatal nestling in the greens amid the echoing silence is such a site. Underneath the sunny skies and wide open horizons, the mind takes flight and meditation becomes freedom. Learn the esoteric art of third-eye meditation or Lingam Sadhana from the masters in the magnificent great outdoors of Himalayas.

A Chance to Experience Non-Commercialized Travel

Sadly, in our age of late capitalism, nothing remains pristine. Nature’s beauty is claimed by commercial enterprises and sold away to irresponsible tourism in most parts of the globe. Consequently, we can’t think beyond luxury resorts and chaperoned travels. But that’s only what money can buy.

Himalayan Yoga Retreat 2018 has a different approach to traveling. Supporting indigenous people, stays are arranged at simple village homestays with an interest in the life and environmental wellbeing of quaint hamlets in the mountains, like the village Sari at the foot of the climb to Tungnath. A retreat in the Himalayas gives you the opportunity to explore truly virgin places hidden away from the corrupting attention of the booming tourism industry.

A Diet of Simple Yogic Food

Food is of critical importance in one’s dedicated yoga practice. Sattvic meals featuring fresh produce of the mountain villages will refresh your taste buds and restore the lost vitality in your body and mind. Himalayan Yoga Retreat can well qualify as an exotic curry travel across the remote lands for all to cherish.

Satsang with the Sage

Satsangs are spiritual conclaves where sage persons preside over, discussing topics on spirituality, life, and holistic wellbeing. Many such sessions are promised in these retreats in the sage company of the Himalayan gurus.