As it is said, “Good design is good business”, graphic design does have a major impact on the success of a company. The link between the two is pretty direct as highlighted through a survey conducted by The Design Group in 2005. The results of the survey suggest that the companies that make good use of graphic design perform better than the ones that neglect its significance.

Hence, the importance of graphic design cannot be denied by any business.

However; keeping aside the core benefit that these designs provide, here are a few other advantages that come to a business when their designs are in place.

A Good Design Helps Build Credibility

A good design is a reflection of scrutiny and detail. It gives the viewer the impression that the design has been created after a thorough process of research and brainstorming. This perception of it gives it the credibility that helps the design capture loyalty for the brand.

Consider the logo designs of FedEx, Amazon, and Baskin Robbins. Though simple to identify, these designs have a meaning hidden within its folds. These designs are acclaimed for their brilliance around the world as they are perceived to have been created after an exhaustive idea generation and design process.

Hence, if a brand wishes to portray itself as credible, good design is the first milestone it needs to achieve.

A Good Design Tells a Story

Good designs are created in a manner that helps them reflect the essence and nature of the brand. Successful brands are known for spending tons on the development of their logos while getting them created by top professional graphic designers. As a result, their logos often tell a story that is linked to the brand. Also, these logos contain in them hints that directly point towards the functioning and/or the purpose of the brand.

Take the example of The Apple Company, the logo of which portrays a half-eaten apple. The concept of the logo is well connected with the historical story of Newton, discovering gravity. Hence, using the half-eaten apple, The Apple Company clearly promotes the idea of innovation and change.


A Good Design Helps Build Connections

Good designs are appealing enough to build instant connections with the customers. More than the appeal, it is the idea behind the design that empowers it to develop an association. These designs are built on the insights obtained from the target market and so they reflect the mentality of the target well while tapping them in the right place.

A design that is unable to build connections is a design that is good for nothing.

A Good Design Makes the Brand Approachable

People are comfortable building associations with designs that are approachable. Hence, good companies invest a lot in making their designs give out a friendly feel.

Take the example of McDonald’s, the mascot of which has gained popularity worldwide. The mascot, as a matter of fact, makes the brand pretty welcoming and hence, is appealed by kids i.e. its target, all around the world.

Similarly, the logo of Walmart has also been re-designed in a manner that gives it a very warm feel, which signals trust and care.

A Good Design Sets the Brand Apart

Finally, a good design is unique enough to set the brand apart. In a world where businesses are in a constant state of war, fighting for a significant share of the market, designs help the brand break through the clutter while assisting them in securing a prevalent position in the industry.

Also, unique designs are good at capturing the attention of the customers. Hence, with continuous attention comes loyalty, which helps the brand make its way through the competition.


Graphic design services as an important element in the promotion of a brand. In order to make sure that the design, as launched by a company, is successful in making an impact, a business needs to hire a creative graphic design agency. In case if that is not possible, due to budget constraints, a company can hire an individual professional logo graphic designer as well.

Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind a brand can appropriately use graphic design to attain prosperity and success.