Everyone loves their car, and you would also be no exception. But, the common mistake people often do is to take their vehicle for granted. Daily treks and several other adventures on and off-road affect the overall performance of your car, especially when the sun is beating down on you. So, take note of even the minor wear and tear, if you want your car to be functional throughout the year. But, this doesn’t do all; you also need to keep your maintenance practices adaptive to the weather conditions to keep your car up and running.

You will never want to be stranded by troubles that your car may bring either because of a dead battery or due to engine failure. It all may happen in summer. It’s not only you who find hot summer to be a throne in your side, but your car also feels the same. Employing some preventive maintenance tricks can keep you out of troubles. However, staying prepared for the situation can keep you out of woods.

Here are three easy maintenance hacks that will keep your car at your command in fierce summer season:

1. Don’t Let Your Battery Go Out of Order:

A battery is the key part of a vehicle and it is your duty to keep it in a good condition during summer season of Dubai. In fierce summer, battery’s efficiency reduces to half and may shudder to halt in a point of time. So better be well-prepared beforehand. The first and foremost thing to make sure is – your car is equipped with a maintenance-free battery like Solite battery. As the heat of summer in Dubai cannot be matched with any other area, having a maintenance-free battery placed in your engine’s bay can ensure safe and sound rides.

2. Are Tires Well-maintained to Hit the Raod?

Stranded in the middle of nowhere surely won’t be the right spot to discover your tires are done for. Keep inspecting them regularly and get them replaced when required. Also, make sure that you get the best tires for your car that are long-lasting. Better prefer buying Achilles tires – they have robust-build-quality and are designed to run rough both on and off-road.

3. Is Car’s Cooling System Working fine?

The summertime heat may spell disaster on your car’s engine, especially on your car’s cooling system. Make sure that coolant is not running low. If it’s demanding a replacement, replace it before you get stuck in the sand some or other time. Engine overheating may occur in summer that may lead to various other significant damages to your car. Take your car for a professional inspection if there is a coolant leakage problem. Also get the radiator and heater checked for leaks and cracks or if there is any contamination from grease or oil. You will never want the cooling system to let you down when enjoying the summer sun fun on the sand.

Summertime is not more a problem to your car when you are in Dubai, however, your negligence surely is. Never shut your eyes to problems arising with your car even if they are minor. It’s great, you own a car, but it would perhaps be the greatest, if you play it safe, especially when it’s car maintenance.

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