Valve Repair Surgery is required when blood which flows between the different chambers of heart muscles is not flowing through the heart valve. Blood that flows out of the heart of the patient into large arteries must flow through the heart valve.

During the Valve Repair Surgery, one or more valves are repaired or replaced. Valve Repair Surgery means that it will help the patient heart to work in a better way. The procedure of Valve Repair Surgery of patient’s heart depends on which valve is damaged. Mitral and Tricuspid valves are the ones which are most likely to be repaired. A patient with mitral valve damage has successful repair procedure in larger percentage which is around 90%.

Valve Repair Surgery is done when the heart valve of the patient is not working properly such as:

  • The condition of Regurgitation where the valve does not close properly and will allow the blood to leak backward rather than flowing through.
  • The condition of Stenosis where valve does not open fully and also limit the forward blood flow.
  • Defects in the heart valve of the patient can cause various heart problems such as chest pain, fainting spells, and shortness of breath or heart failure.
  • Tests which shows the changes in the heart valve of the patient which can affect the functioning of their heart.
  • Due to infection in the patient’s heart valve is damaged.
  • In case, the patient received the new heart in past and now which is not working properly or the patient is suffering from other problems such as infection, bleeding, blood clots etc.

Before the patient proceeds with Valve Repair Surgery, the heart surgeon will advise to quit smoking or consuming the alcohol as these are the factors which can affect the progress of the surgery. In order to improve the chances of the successful Valve Repair Surgery and the recovery, the patient needs to avoid the consumption of alcohol and quit smoking as well which will also benefit the overall health status of the patient.

The Valve Repair Surgery in India is done under the general anesthesia by the heart surgeons and the procedure will take around four to five hours to complete and a patient will require a stay in the hospital depending on the condition of the patient’s valve and the procedure chosen by the patient.

Once the procedure complete the patient will be kept in the ICU room to be closely monitored for the recovery for several days and when the surgeons find that the condition of the patient is stable then they will transfer the patient to the general room. The surgeons will advise the patients to increase their normal activities for the fastest recovery from the bed and also they will plan the patient’s diet more towards solid food which can be easily digested by them.

Valve Repair Surgery Cost in India is around USD 8,000 which is quite less as compared with other developed countries and the success rate of the Valve Repair Surgery in India is high as compared with other countries which are around 90%.

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