Summary: Planning to join a yoga class? Explore the article to read some useful tips to get the most of it.

“The success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our lives and our relationships.” – T.K.V Desikachar

Yoga is not only about performing asanas or postures. Yoga is a way to delve deep inside oneself and to walk down the path that leads to the self-transformation. Practicing yoga at home is not enough to grow into the practice, a proper guidance and a patterned class are important. As we go to a school to learn and achieve more, likely, joining a yoga class does wonders for your yoga practice and its growth. And even if you are a beginner, yoga classes help you to lay a strong foundation of yoga practice.

So before joining yoga classes read the tips below to commence a successful journey.

1. Set an Intention

Some people take yoga to reduce stress, some want to lose weight, some want to seek spirituality, while others just want to relax and meditate. Whatever is your reason, it is important for you to know why you want to join yoga classes. Setting an intention makes things easier and much more focused.

2. Find the right style

Before commencing the yoga journey or taking up a serious yoga practice class, a practitioner must find an appropriate yoga style as per their type. Suppose you want to get in shape then Ashtanga, Bikram or Power Yoga are the best choices. For a meditative purpose, Jivamukti Yoga is more helpful, and if you are looking to attain in-depth knowledge of yoga than Iyengar yoga could become your guidepost.

3. Don’t stop after the first class

Taking up yoga classes enhance your practice and help you to grow but only when you show consistency. There are people who don’t show up to the class after the first session. Yes, there are people who quit the yoga class after the very first day, due to many reasons. But it is important to know that yoga is not a one-day thing, it is an everyday practice. You can’t be perfect in a day, so give some time, and be patient, consistent, and practice regularly.

4. Be a learner

When you step into a yoga class, always start with a beginner mind, even if you are an advanced yogi, in order to attain more. Yoga makes you learn at every stage, so come in with a learner’s mind and try to make the most out of your yoga classes. Always remember not to compare yourself with other yogis, beginners or advanced. Everyone is different, so is their body and their capabilities.

5. Listen to your teacher

One of the most useful tips before joining yoga classes is you must always listen and trust your teacher. After finding an appropriate yoga style and class, you need to follow your teacher’s instructions. Trust the choice of sequences and practice module your teacher sets and if you are unable to perform something –talk to them.

6. Keep Breathing

When at a yoga class or practicing yoga anywhere, do not only pay attention to the postures and alignment, but also pay attention to your breath. For deeper relaxation and to achieve all the benefits of yoga practice, you have to align the breath with the body movements. Start concentrating on your breathing, if encountered with distraction.

Few more tips:

  • Always practice on an empty stomach or eat 2-3 hours     before coming to the class.
  • Don’t walk in the class with the shoes and socks on. Wear  comfortable clothes, but not the loose and baggy ones.
  • Arrive early and don’t rush out at the end of the class.
  • Talk to your yoga teacher or instructor, and discuss your goals, limitations, or injury (if any).

Yoga classes take you a step ahead towards the journey of yoga. Select the best yoga classes and start practicing with determination and patience.