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Bimatoprost eyelash growth has made it to headlines on several digital platforms when it entered the market. It is an eyelash growth enhancer which was introduced in the market under the brand name Latisse. The serum was introduced as an effective remedy for glaucoma eye issue but it showed eyelash growth in subjects participated in clinical studies. Therefore, it was re-introduced in December 2008 after FDA’s approval. Since then it has been an imperative part of eyelash growth tools market.

In recent years, eyelash growth has gathered a huge attention. Be it due to any reasons, several eyelash enhancers are being introduced and used by women. There are mascaras and fake eyelash extensions but these are temporary solutions and they are not worth the money you put in. instead getting Bimatoprost online seems a smart choice. It gives you permanently longer and thicker lashes in the time span of 2 to 4 weeks. Though the time period may vary but it depends on how you use the serum on your lashes. It is important to use the eyelash growth serum as directed by the doctor or as per the instructions given in the informational leaflet provided with the bottle. Before we jump to see how to use the serum, let’s find out what are the root causes of eyelash hair fall out.

What makes you lose lash hairs?

Eyelash hairs are delicate and they can break off due to several factors. Simply rubbing your eyes vigorously can make them to fall off. Like scalp hairs, we tend to lose lash hairs as well. The difference is we do not realize it until the lashes become thinner and demands for some rapid action. Poor quality eye makeup and not removing makeup properly contribute in lash hair loss. Eyelid or eye infections and diseases, poor diet etc., are some of the factors that affect lash hair health. Bimatoprost eyelash growth serum works irrespective of these issues and thus it is the best choice for growing lash hairs to health.

How to use Bimatoprost serum

The serum comes in a bottle. An applicator or brush is provided along with the bottle. You need to wash your face after removing makeup. Wash your hands as well to prevent contamination risk. Dip the applicator/brush in the liquid and wipe off the excess serum to the inside edge of the bottle. You need to apply the serum at the base of the lashes and move the applicator to the outward direction. It is similar to applying mascara. You need to leave the serum on the lashes overnight. The next day you can wash off the face and apply makeup if you wish to.

It is okay to apply Bimatoprost online serum in the daytime and wearing makeup afterwards. However, to lessen the risk of contamination and side effects, it is better to use it in the night time. You may experience a slight burning sensation and irritation after using the serum. It is normal and should vanish after using the serum for couple of days. If the symptoms persist, stop using the serum and consult with the doctor.

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