What idea pops out of your head when you hear the word workplace environment? For you, workplace environment may be a mixture of things happening in the workplace? But it is much more than you have imagined. It is everything that forms a part of you with the work itself such as the relationship with the coworkers and supervisors, organizational culture and more. Positive and lively ambiance helps you to grow better at your work. Therefore, apart from coworkers, sound infrastructure, good work environment, and happy employees help your company to reach the heights of success. An excellent team work environment motivates and offers job satisfaction.

An approach to contrive an “Office Milieu”:

To know if the office milieu turns into a beneficial or a worthless thing for you. Let’s first get an idea on how it is planned. There are some factors that contribute to build a positive environment at your workplace, and those are:

  1. Good management in the office
  2. Healthy relationship with your co-workers
  3. To get equal opportunities to you and your colleagues
  4. Having good facilities for you
  5. Considering well being of the employees.

Out of these, the cogent factor that can lead to hinder the work productivity is co-worker relationships.

A brief sketch of healthy coworker relationships:

Having a friendly relationship with the people you are working with is fairly important for your work performance. It is essential for you to get along with them. You are in hog heaven if you are comfortable with your colleagues. If you are with optimistic people, inspiration will come your way naturally.

With a companionable atmosphere in your office, a good team can be built. This will help you to enhance your work quality. You can precisely understand the thoughts and objectives of your colleagues to exhibit your team ideas. If you enjoy the processes with your co-worker, company goals can be achieved. However, to build relationship, you must not engage in these activities that you will hamper productivity.

Toxic colleagues hamper your work potency:

Entering your office with the pressure of facing your workmates you are uncomfortable with is worrisome. Instead of focusing on your goals, you will be busy in analyzing your mistakes. You will try to navigate your de-energizing relationship. Your dissonance with your coworker will dent your trust. This will affect solidarity of your team.

When you are depressed and unhappy in your company, it will be hard for you to please your customers and solve their problems. Not only your professional life but your social life will also be sorrowful.

Toxic behaviour of your colleagues will discourage you. This will affect your potential to work, which will put your company to lose their reputation in the market. This disappointment will cost you in losing your job as well. Furthermore, you will not get an opportunity to show your potential and skills.

How to overcome this situation:

It is not impossible for you to overcome this disappointment. Do not lose hope and try to be happy. Keep yourself apart from the negative elements. Isolate bad or negative-minded people so that the negative effect will not spread. Socialize yourself with good-natured people. Discuss your problems with people you trust so that they will give you some advice and encourage you.

Maintaining a positive work relationship with co-workers is possible if you keep aside personal ego and have respect for each other. You are free to react and to express your feelings to an unhealthy situation. Just try to avoid the negative environment around you and find happiness in your work. Try to build a good connection with your coworkers, so that a great team work will be seen.

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