Last time anyone checked there were more than 80 branches of astrology in use! That is truly so astounding considering the negligible uses at its beginning.


Most rehearsing soothsayers today utilize crystal gazing for mindfulness, family, and customers. This independent framework is presumably the most entire framework. It is joined with such a variety of different ways of insight also.

Today we can work with Western crystal gazing, Vedic, Hellenistic, Classical, Traditional, Mayan, Aztec, Chinese, Korean astrologer, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In any case, how about we experience all the branches of utilization.


Humanistic crystal gazing is the thing that we now fundamentally rehearse in the West. Some allude to this as prophetic “readings” to help individuals who need individual mindfulness, learning of their examples, karmic issues, qualities, shortcomings, and forecasts for their future.


Karmic/exclusive crystal gazing centers around the more profound side of translation and bits of knowledge.


Relationship astrologer obviously manages the vitality between two individuals in relationship, which can be sweethearts, or tyke/parent, manager and representative, family designs, and so forth.


Professional astrologer centers around helping the customer to comprehend where his most prominent vocation possibilities lie.



Everyday astrologer is a branch that spreads political occasions, wars, nations and worldwide changes.


Astro meteorology is the investigation of and expectation climate and topographical examples.


Monetary Astrology or astro financial matters is an exceptionally perceived branch today utilized by many stock dealers on Wall Street. Astro Financial programming is currently accessible to celestial prophets to exchange the business sectors.


Betting and Sports crystal gazing is a typical branch and astro programming is accessible for this too.


Astro mapping uses astro-mapping strategies to alarm us to where on the planet the features will develop. It is additionally connected to people to know where on the planet one ought to move keeping in mind the end goal to utilize his constructive energies for more achievement in life.


Therapeutic crystal gazing has developed to more prominent ubiquity as of now for both individuals and pets. Eating routine, herbs, and cures likewise fall under this heading.


Planting by astrologer has been around for quite a long time and still flourishes. (Simply take a gander at to what extent the Farmer’s Almanac has been around!)


Legendary astrologer is the branch that applies the overall myths to clarify the paradigms in the diagram.


Mental Astrology is exactly what it says – it concentrates on the mental parts of character in the horoscope.


Astro Drama treatment offers an opportunity to ‘carry on’ issues that appear in the diagram and life.


Enchanted Talisman astrologer is utilized for custom enchantment and to make charms.


The rundown truly proceeds as astrologer fits each and every field of life itself!


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