Summary: Know the standards to weigh your choices of yoga retreats against and find out a center or yoga provider which will live up to your expectations.

Yoga today is a booming industry making wellness and healing goals of multitudes come true. Scour the web and you will find tons of thousands of exotic wellness centers at magnificent locations, bringing a mélange of a luxury spa, beautiful, breezy holidaying experience in the sun, sea, and mountain bliss, and all of this with yoga on the side.

Exhilarating as it may seem with so many providers in the field dishing up yoga in the best forms in retreat programs, helping a conscious yoga community grow almost globally, there is also always a fair share of confusion. The most mystifying question is probably—how do I put my pen on the best centers/providers for the kind of yoga retreats I like?

It is a legit inquiry. Keeping this point in mind, take a look at the following speculations—

Indian-Origin Yoga Centers and the Claim to More ‘Authentic’ Yoga

India is the ancient birth land of this holistic art of wellness. Yoga has come up from the same pool of Vedic wisdom of which other holistic Indian sciences like Ayurveda is a part. The land and its undeniable legacy in matters of spiritual wellness make a serious case for choosing a Yoga retreat in India than any other place on the planet.

The advantages are many—you will get to live in a spiritually-reflective location like the world yoga capital of Rishikesh in North India. A Yoga retreat in Rishikesh offers asana and meditation sessions under Sanskrit versed Indian teachers who are steeped in the yogic traditions of the land. The ashrama-style living, ayurvedic food to rightly invigorate your fires, asana practice following the actual books, and mantra meditation of authentic Sanskrit diction are some things that are available only in India.

Retreats By Yoga Educational Organizations Vs Holistic Spa and Wellness Centers

What are the odds of you wanting to pursue an institutional study of yoga after you are done with your retreat? This only you can answer but if there is a chance you would like to explore certified yoga teacher training courses in the future. So, why not sign up for a retreat center which also offers similar studies?

While yoga infused retreats conducted by a spa and wellness place will have many cherish-able things, it can’t help you in taking your interests further with more detailed courses.

Local Flavors Brought Into Different Retreat Programs

It is only normal to be nitpicky about locations when you are going on a retreat. Yoga on the retreat must not feel the same as when you practice on your own terrace. A naturally and culturally rich location should make all the difference. On the same note, whether you are choosing to retreat on the shores of Kerala, in the Himalayas of Nepal, or Thailand, make sure your chosen programs include some local essence.

It could be anything—an additional class in the local diction, indigenous cooking workshop, introduction to the martial arts or Thai massage. Just make sure your program lets you absorb from the land you are retreating in for the few days of your conventional life.

Finding By General Directories and Special Directories of Yoga Online

There is a wide breadth of yoga styles and locations for retreats covered in online general directories like the Yoga Journal Directory, Yoga Finder, and Yoga Alliance Directory. Get started in shortlisting just the type of retreats you would like to go to. Alternatively, you can hit up directories of special styles of yoga, starting from Ashtanga to Bikram to Jivamukti and more.

Weigh out the reviews, ratings, and prospectus of each to make an informed choice.

Popular Yoga Instructors and Retreats Programs By Them

Being a yoga enthusiast in the virtual world makes you knowledgeable about all the who’s who of the yoga teaching world. It can be a good idea to follow your favorite yoga teacher across locations to receive the cream of her teachings!