.Travelling With Your Pet – A few tips to keep in mind!

Dogs are den animals. A crate provides comfort and a personal space that relaxes them and reduces anxiety when stressed.

Use a crate for a trip to the vet; to show off your pet at a dog show;when travelling on the holidays. Plus it gives you the advantage of being able to leave your dog in a crate while you attend to other things or emergencies.

Plastic crates are the best option for airplane travel and if you are looking for better styling and portability then there are specific branded pet carriers designed for air travel that you can find.

So Which one to choose? Wire Dog crates or Soft Dog crates?

Wire dog crates

The advantage of a crate made of wire is that it allows you to keep your dog’s home clean. The floor is not a board or such and hence any waste, falls through the wire grid. A wire crate is also simple to store and tag along. It allows you to provide a sturdy escape proof space for your dog. Polythene or wire floor grates are great pet accessories to keep your pet home hygienic.  You can also easily reward your pooch with treats through the journey to reduce anxiety.

Soft Folding dog crate

A soft crate consist of panels of mesh and padding on three sides.The almost transparent mesh makes it easy for the dog to see out and the padding helps keep things comfortable. The assembly time is short and requires no tools.

As a ‘home’ and ‘safe space’ for your pet, both offer unmatched advantages in terms of space, ventilation, portability and comfort. A word of caution – Wire dog crates are sturdier for long distances and soft dog crates are ideal for small pets and puppies. Avoid using a soft crate if your dog chews or bites frequently. Wire dog crates are water resistant but buying a water resistant soft crate is also an option

Pet Carriers

The third option you have when travelling with your dog is definitely the most stylish but, comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. Unlike wire dog crates or soft dog crates it is unwise to leave your pet unattended in a carrier. Use a carrier only when travelling with them. One of the trump advantages of is that they are definitely easy on the eyes.  The insides are nylon or polyester for ease of cleaning and the carriers are a good choice for a brief journey or commute.


Becky Summers has been an animal lover since she got her first dog at five. She is an aspiring dog trainer and loves traveling across the country with her JackTerrier – Mr Muffin. She helps run a website selling Pet gear that includes Folding Dog Crate (s), Pet Carriers and Pet Accessories. If you are on the look out for a branded crate for your pet drop in to say hello at