Moving is a complex process in itself and it can become a nightmare if you do not avoid certain mistakes. Lack of preparation can lead to problems so better be organized beforehand. To err is human, but some moving mistakes need to be avoided at all costs else it is going to make your move more expensive. Remember, lesser the mistakes, lesser is the cost of the move!

Our professional moving company in Brooklyn NY recommends how to avoid these 7 moving mistakes.

1. DIY or You think you can wing it alone!

Oops! big mistake. Lack of advanced planning can prove to be a blunder even though the move is in next street of your area. You might be of the opinion that a DIY will be a “cheap” option or a fun option for you. If it’s your first move, the chances of making mistakes is even more. Maybe, while lifting your LED TV alone, you get its corners scratched by the wall, or break your full-body length looking mirror while taking it downstairs causing mess all around the house.

How to deal:

When you opt for a do-it-yourself approach, you need an extensive research on how to organize and plan your move. Before moving anything heavy, big, or, fragile ask for help. Talk to your relatives and friends who have an experience in moving themselves.

Take your time and research how you want to move your belongings and discover what all is involved in the complete moving procedure. Plan for which things should be moved first.

2. Hiring a Shady Moving Company

Getting swayed by the cheap moving quotes is a common mistake that people make. Don’t choose your movers based on the price options. A lot of moving companies offer guaranteed quotes first but later they include more amount. There are many rogue movers who do business and are least concerned about your belongings. Even if they break your belongings they won’t give you the claims.

How to deal:

We recommend you to hire the local and reputed movers of your area. Hiring local movers help you to inquire about them whenever you need. In case, you needed a claim for your damaged items, you can visit their office to sort the things out. Always go through the reviews of the company, ask for recommendations of your friends and family, check their license, experience and, insurance. This can help you prevent moving disasters and keep the extra cost at bay.

3. Didn’t Get A Guaranteed Price

The moving company generally provides 2 types of estimates: binding and non-binding. A non-binding quote is a written quote, giving you an idea of moving cost based on the size and quantity of your belongings. The mover can charge you 10 percent more than the estimate. Binding estimate is a legal document that states the fixed amount of your move. They can’t charge more than stated on the contract unless you ask for add-on services. The movers visit your home to calculate the cost more exactly. The biggest mistake is not getting a guaranteed quote for your move and not getting the quote in writing. This leads to the big trouble and making your move an expensive one.

How to deal:

Always get the quote in writing. We recommend you to get quotes from 3 moving companies. Dig in deep to find out what are the differences in all the quotes. Always go for a guaranteed quote in writing.

4. Overlooked the “Rush” hours

Not checking the Rush hours before your move will be such a blunder to make. You will never be able to reach your destination in time which will ad the extra cost of fuel and you might get irritated.

How to deal:

Always get the traffic estimate on the day of your move. Consider if there is any holiday. Gather all the information so that you can be aware of the rush you will get on your way to your new destination.

5. Not checked the insurance

Ah, that’s a big mistake! Your mover has dropped your expensive Macbook while moving out of your room, who is going to pay? This happens when you didn’t ask for an Insurance with your mover. But the insurance that your mover offers will cover only a fraction of your amount to recover your damage.

How to deal:

Do check if your movers have the insurance. Second, check with an insurance company that provides home insurance. You need to check for the workers’ comp insurance too. This will take you out of the responsibility in case one of the movers got injured in your house. This will give you a sense of comfort.

6. Ignoring plants and pets

The moving truck does not provide a good surviving environment for your plants and animals. Plan well how to move your plants and pets. Some movers do not move plants and pets and all your plants and pets will be left behind. You need to check with the USDA about the moving of plants across the states.

How to deal:

Transfer your plants from the breakable pots to the light-weight breakable pots, making them travel friendly and avoiding the breakage. If the situations are not favorable to move your plants, donate them to your neighbors or friends.

For your pets, make a room in your car. Take adequate dog food with you so that your four-legged friend do not starve during the move.

7. Not cleaning the house

This is the common mistake that all make considering that we are moving out of the old house, what’s the need to clean it up. You will be paying for all the things that you are going to pack. On unpacking, you will be paying again. So packing all that you don’t need in future will be unwise. This will only increase your total cost of move.

How to deal:

Declutter your house. Recycle, donate, or, sell out the stuff that you do not need in the future. It’ll save you from paying extra money and other problems. Your new house will have only the important stuff.