Birthdays are always special because a person is treated special on that day and gets to have everything that they want. Now that it is your girlfriend’s birthday, it is your duty to make her day special because she expects this from you more than she does from anyone else. You are the special person in her life and of course she would want to have some special surprises and party from your side so that she could feel your love and of course the special treatment from you. So what is it that you have decided for her birthday this time? Nothing? Don’t worry because we got you covered. Here are some cakes that you can order for the theme birthday party for your girlfriend. You can order these birthday cakes online and get the cake delivered to wherever you are.

HIDDEN SWEETIE SURPRISE CAKE: Everyone love surprises. As it is her birthday, why to keep a limit to the surprises? As she is going to get a lot of surprises on this day from you, make her cake surprising as well. This cake will be just perfect for such thing. A hidden sweeties surprise cake is easy to get. You can find it easily on various websites that offer the timely and safe birthday cake delivery in Pune or to the place where you want to send it. A lot of oohing and ahhing is going to come from the party-goers when the first slice will be cut.

ICE CREAM DRIP CAKE: Whether you want to get a cake for the summer birthday party or just to brighten the day up, a cake that has melting ice cream look on it is going to delight anyone. You can get the sprinkles on it and make it look really cute and pretty. You can order it online and get the same day delivery from the websites that offer this service.

RAINBOW LAYERS CAKE: When it rains and the rainbows show up after the rain, everyone just looks at it with awe and cannot take the eyes off this beautiful phenomenon that takes place. The same goes with the cake that has rainbow layers. A 21st century girl’s birthday memories are pretty much incomplete without this cake. So, why to get this cake next time and not this time? Get all the colors in this cake and make the party colorful just like the cake is. Order it online and get the birthday cake delivery in Bangalore and to various other cities where you want to have it.

PINATA BASHING CAKE: So are you confused what to do and have just got a simple cake for her? You are confused as how to make it special? Well, if that is the case, then this cake fits perfectly to all your needs. The cake is hidden under a chocolate dome and a small hammer is what you will have to get for her, or a small will do too. At the time of the cake cutting, it’s the time to crack the shell and get a look at the cake hidden inside. This will be a great moment to see.

GIANT CUPCAKE BIRTHDAY CAKE: Going big and making a statement can be really important when it is about the birthday celebrations. No cake can do it better than the one that is a giant cupcake cake. You can find this cake on various sites and all you got to do is focus on the party planning and order the cake online. When the cake arrives, the party will start and you are ready to surprise the love of your life.