The craze of lemon water is just refusing to go away. More
people now trust this drink over their favourite cup of tea and
coffee. They understand caffeinated beverages are all harms
while lemon is natural and can deliver health benefits. Even
restaurants offer this drink to customers as they know how
much people prefer natural products these days. Studies too
have confirmed the benefits associated with lemon water, so
you should never feel any apprehension about the drink and
include it in your daily schedule. Plus, its benefits are just too
many to ignore it or not believe it over other bad choices for the

Here are reasons to drink lemon water daily –

1. Stay hydrated – When you stay hydrated, this helps keep
away a lot of health problems as the water provides sustenance
to most body parts. Doctors recommend drinking at least 8 to
10 glasses of water daily to keep healthy and fit. The water we
get from foods is generally not enough for the body. So, it’s
better to add more sources of them or drink them throughout
the day. And if you don’t like the dour taste of water, you can
mix a few drops of lemon and make the drink delicious.

2. Healthy heart – Lemon is a citrus fruit which makes it a
good source of vitamin C. The presence of this vitamin in the
body is required to minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease
and stroke. In fact, it is also known to lower blood pressure and

when that happens, you are assured of a healthy heart. If you
want to keep your heart healthy and disease-free, you can start
drinking lemon water daily and achieve the goal. After all, only
a healthy heart can ensure a healthy you ever.

3. Weight loss – For ages, lemon has been a key ingredient of
most methods devised to lose weight. A lot of people trust and
use lemon water to shed a few pounds and achieve a healthy
and slim physique. It’s also effective in maintaining the blood
glucose levels in the body and reduce the risk of diabetes.
When you drink lemon water, your body not only benefits from
the goodness of citrus and antioxidants found in it but also from
the hydration it provides to the body. You feel full for longer,
thus eat less and avoid gaining weight.

4. Better digestion – Lemon water is great for the digestion.
People take it as morning drink to prevent constipation. You too
can start the day with a hot lemon water and give your digestive
system a big boost. The sourness of lemon is responsible for
helping the digestive system and even the age-old Ayurvedic
system has this well-defined. Lemon water can help digest food
more easily and it is also effective against build-up of toxins in
the body. So, make this drink a part of your daily morning
schedule and improve your digestion drastically.

5. Fresh breath – People are traditionally used to remove the
foul stench of foods or other home stuff like garlic etc. A lot of
families trust the goodness of this citrus fruit and keep away
strong smells that onions, fish etc. are known to cause. And if
you want to avoid bad breath, you can drink a glass of lemon
water in the morning or after the meal and achieve the goal
easily. This drink is known to stimulate saliva and prevent dry
mouth, which are often result in bad breath.

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