When you get a manicure or a pedicure done your whole hands and feet, including the nails are taken care of. It relaxes the muscles and rejuvenates the skin cells while making the hands and feet looking soft and glowing. Maintaining healthy nails, in hands and feet as well is an important part of self-care and hygiene. You obviously would not want to get caught with cracked heels or hand skin, or sporting ill-shaped nails at a party or even at your workplace. In the following discussion, we will be giving you 4 reasons why you should get a pedicure and manicure done at a nail salon London.

1. Keeps the skin of hands and feet moisturized
During extremely cold or hot days, the skin of your hands and feet is the one that is most likely to be affected. It may take a toll on the nails and cuticles too. Apart from harsh weather conditions, every day stress and not maintaining basic hygiene may also result in dirty toenails and finger nails. Spa days London can help you revive the skin, nails and cuticles while removing dead skin cells and keeping hands and feet moisturized.

2. A great way to pamper yourself
Opting for a nail spa session is a good way of telling your body that you care for it. No woman would ever want to say no to a relaxing manicure and pedicure treatment. It helps in relieving stress and makes your hands and feet look gorgeous. Regularly manicured hands and clean toenails can help you make a positive impression over others.

3. Promotes hygiene
Pollution affects all parts of our body and specially nails. Nails generate new cells and are more likely to gather dirt easily than other body parts. Even unexposed feet are prone to calluses and other fungal infections, if their hygiene is not maintained properly. Skin care products used during a typical manicure or pedicure session at best nail spas in London are especially designed for the skin of hands and feet, and nails. The process cleanses and exfoliates the nails and cuticles, removes the dead skin cells, dirt and calluses, which are there at the bottom of your feet. A complete nail spa package not only enhances the beauty of hands and feet but also may help in reducing muscle pain.

4. Makes you look trendy
Every woman craves for the latest nail trends, whether it is French manicure nails, nail art, latest nail paints or mirrored nails. It is not possible for everyone to sport long nails all the time. However, at a nail spa you can get fake nail extensions and get them painted according to you.

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