WordPress themes are the base of creating search engine optimized websites. In case if your website does not get indexed on the first page of search engines like Google and Yahoo then your potential website visitors might even not be even aware about the existence of your website. If you have good search engine visibility on the web then it can help you to achieve high sales and big profits. You will need the support of an SEO expert to get your website indexed on search engines. Let us discuss about top 10 questions to ask before hiring an SEO expert.

Here are some questions that you should ask before hiring an SEO professional:-
Qs-1 Can I have a list of your current and previous clients?
When you take references from previous and current clients of your SEO expert then you will come to know how capable the candidate is, you will be also able to find out on which SEO campaigns your hired SEO candidate work. These references can guide you well how effective the chosen SEO expert is, as well as know that the person has indeed work on specific SEO project. Clients may not offer you significant analytics, experts say, they should be at least able to tell you if they saw a positive effect on their search engine. This ranking could have helped clients in getting conversions and in gaining the favor of the audience, as a direct outcome of the efforts of the SEO consultant.

Qs-2 In what way will you improve my search engine rankings?
Just make it clear with SEO consultants whether they will discuss their methods in detail, about how will they improve the search engine rankings of your website. They will have to explain the strategies they make use of to improve your website’s search engine ranking. They as well as have to estimate how much time it will take to attain the goals of SEO campaigns.

Qs-3 Do you follow the webmasters guidelines for search engine optimization?
You will need a consultant who strictly follows webmasters practices framed by Google, that chiefly prohibit 12 common SEO tricks, including creating spammy content with displaying bogus links and texts. If an SEO consultant doesn’t follow these Google guidelines, then your website will get low search engine ranking. Or, worse even Google could ban your website from search engine rankings.

Qs-4 Can you assure me that my website will achieve top ranking on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo?
If the candidate answers this question with yes, then experts warn to run away as fast as you can. Although it is not possible to guarantee a top one ranking on any search engine, some unethical SEO experts very often make such bogus guarantees.

Qs-5 Are you experienced at improving local search results?
Being seen in the top local search engine results is very important for small mortar and business trying to attract local customers, we suggest that you’ll need a consultant who has got experience in local SEO techniques.

Qs-6 Will you inform me about all changes, you make in my website?
Search engine optimization will definitely require making a number of changes to your current website coding. It’s important to know what kind of changes the SEO consultant decides to make and on how many pages of your website. If you would like the SEO consultant to take your permission before accessing to your website code, be sure to say yes.

Qs-7 How will you estimate the success of your SEO projects?
Make sure to ask your SEO consultant how he will plan to share the success of his SEO projects. These are important analytics that he should share with you and how he would use the data to bring improvement in your search engine rankings and website traffic.

Qs-8 How will you make communication with me?
The communication styles of SEO consultants and customer service standards differ from one another. You will require finding a person whose approach is fully compatible to your needs. Ask if such an SEO candidate feels comfortable to talk in person or via email, phone or online chat. And find out within how much time duration your SEO consultant will contact you with status updates.

Qs-9 What are the terms of your fee and payments?
You will require knowing how much money you’ll be charged in an SEO campaign. Off course you have to know whether the consultant is paid per hour, by project or by retainer. Payments made per project are the most common ones in the SEO industry.

Qs-10 What happens at the end of the SEO project?
When your SEO contract comes to an end or if you terminate it before expiry time, you should still possess ownership of all the search engine optimized web content that you paid the consultant.

Before hiring an SEO expert to optimize your website you will have to know all terms of his services so that you may not feel sinking at bay after some time. We at SKT Themes have the most experienced SEO experts who will make your websites reach on top search engine rankings.