Onam is the major festival of Kerala which is celebrated to honour the harvesting season. It is the state festival of Kerala. The festival is usually celebrated between the months of August and September. Some say Onam is celebrated to cherish the return mythological King Mahabali who is a King of Kerala people. Thumbi Thullal, Onapottan, Onavillu, Pookkalam, Atthachamayam are some of the traditional elements included on the day of Onam festival. Book Kerala tour packages from Mysore between August and September to know more about the Onam festival.

Let’s Find Out The Top 10 Things To Do On Onam:

Classical Music Presentations:

On the day of Onam, State Level inauguration is conducted in Kerala. Comedy shows and classical dance programs by the top performers of the area are arranged during this program. On the 1st day of the Onam, classical musical performance should never be missed.

Classical Dance Solo:

On the 2nd day of the festival, numerous solo dances are performed. A wide variety of traditional dance forms like Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Keralanandam can be enjoyed on this day. Mesmerizing classical vocals like Karnatic, Hindustani and Veena are conducted on this day. The program is ended with special Onam festive dishes.

Stage Shows:

On the days of Onam, plenty of stage shows are conducted. Theatrical performances are conducted mainly arranged during Onam festival. Magic performances is a very famous show on this auspicious day.

Children’s Show:

On the 4th day of Onam celebration, children show is arranged. Children perform several theatre, dance, and magic shows and amaze the audience. The food is served on this day to suit the taste buds of children.

Floral Carpets:

During the last day of Onam, floral carpets or onapookkalam or athapoo can be seen in every house in Kerala. It is a floral arrangement made up of different colours of flowers. Athappoo competitions are conducted on the days of Onam and prizes are distributed in several places of Kerala. The elephants are decorated and shown on TV in live.

Eat Onasadya:

Onasadya is a great feast in Kerala made up of wide variety of dishes such as olan, kaalan, kootu, thoran, puliinji, avial, pulissery, pachadi, kichadi, sambhar, rasam, rice, payasam, chips, papad and erissery. It is mainly served on plantain leaf. At least 13 – 25 dishes are made on this day. By booking Kerala tour packages from Mysore, you can enjoy Onasadya on Onam.

Wear A Mundu:

Mundu is a traditional wear of Kerala. A Malayali woman generally wears mundu in half-white colour in golden colour border. It is a 2-piece clothes draped as a saree. Kurthas and jibbas are worn by the men in Kerala on the Onam day.

Make Ada Pradhaman:

All the dishes made in Onasadya is complex and time consuming. If you think making all of them is tedious, you can easily make Ada Pradhaman. It is basically a payasam made using rice, jaggery and coconut milk. Book your Kerala tourism packages from Kochi to relish on authentic Ada Pradhaman.

Experience the rich culture of Kerala:

Kathakali and Mohiniattam are the famous dance forms of Kerala. In addition to this, Pulikali and Kummati Kali are the 2 art forms that are unique to Kerala. Pulikali act is made by men while kali act is made by women.

Participate In A Boat Race:

Snake Boat races are very popular activity in Kerala which are conducted during the Onam festival. Only men participate in the Boat races and offer an exciting ride and exhilarating show to the visitors. Various Kerala tour packages from Mysore are available to enjoy the rich culture of Kerala.

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