Port Blair is the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and quite rightly it is one of the most exciting places to be on the Island nation. When you are in Port Blair you can opt from a range of activities exclusively curated for you. Right from planning a city tour, to heading to the ancient jail, to visiting the monuments from the time of British, to planning various water sports, Port Blair has it all. From staying in a beach resort to enjoying a romantic dinner by the beach side, Port Blair has it all.

Explore The Architectural Marvel Of Cellular Jail:

Among all the popular places to visit in Port Blair Andaman, the Cellular Jail or Kala Pani is a much sought-after attraction and a must-do activity when you are around. As you reach the Port Blair jail, you roam around the jail blocks of the Cellular Jail. It was this place where Indian freedom fighters were once imprisoned and kept. To get the better understanding of the place you can take a guide along. They will help you understand the history of Kala Pani and about the regime of British in a more efficient way.

Light And Sound Show At The Jail:

As you attend the light and sound show at the jail it will leave you in tears and completely mesmerized. During the show, the story of patriotism and the saga of the heroic struggle of the revolutionary men is narrated with music and lights. It’s the best way one could know about India’s freedom struggle.

Take A Museum Tour:

A half day museum tour is the most perfect activity that you can opt for when you are in Port Blair. As interesting as it sounds, this museum encompasses the city’s tribal history, marine life and a lot more from the ancient times. Pay special attention to the Fisheries Museum – this place houses a lot of things to see and it is here that you can learn a lot. If an Andaman family holiday is on you mind then this could be the perfect activity for you.

Chidiya Tapu Tour:

This is the island near Port Blair where you can catch the magnificent beauty of exotic birds found on the Andamans. This place is also known for grand sunsets, and serene morning vibes. If you are a bird-watcher and love clicking pictures of exotic birds, then this is the place to be. Here different kinds of birds can be spotted. They fly to the island from all over the world and thrive in their natural habitat. Morning is the perfect time to go bird watching coz this is the time when birds are highly active. Stay at the place till 4 pm and you can get the exotic birds as well as magical sunset view.

Port Blair in Andaman is the perfect place for an eventful vacation on the islands. Plan a trip well and enjoy from the myriad of water activities. This place is just perfect.

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