Summary: Yoga is a way of life and also the need of modern life. Read the article to find out the modern purpose of yoga and how it benefits a life in the modern time.

In the modern and fast-paced world, the least we bother about is our own health and well-being. Living a stressful sedentary lifestyle and in the harmful environmental condition, we suffer every day with one or the other physical condition or psychological problems. Sometimes, we can control these and sometimes we can’t. But with the help of yoga, we can end these surely. Yoga is a great healthcare system that has been helping us for so many years. It is multi-faceted and helps everyone by fulfilling their different needs and demands. And this modern time is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding.

Understanding the Life Science

Yoga means the union, the art of joining the body, mind, and soul. The ancient practice of healthcare has its roots in India, but from past many years, yoga gained a lot of popularity across the globe. The purpose and motive of yoga are to maintain a healthy mind and body and take a person towards a higher level of harmony, tranquillity and then leads towards salvation. With the help of asanas, pranayama, meditations, and other yogic practice, yoga heals us and helps us lead a healthy and purposeful life.

In ancient time, yoga is mainly practiced to keep the diseases away and to attain salvation. But in the modern time, yoga has become a part of the lifestyle of many people across the globe. With the traditional practice, many modern forms of yoga styles developed to provide the same benefits in a more fun manner.

A need for yoga in the modern life

The modern-day lifestyle provides all the facilities to live the life comfortably. With the more advanced and hi-tech medical care, the expected quality of life is still far from the reality. Problems like emotional breakdowns, stress, restlessness, depression, fatigue, and many other ailments are rising speedily. And in this hi-tech modern world, many patients are adopting the alternative therapies for health care and better living.

Yoga with its multi-faceted advantages is helping people all over the globe. People are using yoga as a strategy to cope with the modern day life and its challenges. Due to the modern sedentary lifestyle, we face various health issues- which makes it difficult to perform normal and natural activities like sleeping, eating properly, and doing simple day-to-day chores. To waive off these problems, the first thing to change is the lifestyle, which is more responsible than any other reason.

What do we want from yoga in the modern daily life?

Yoga helps a person to grow every day at each level with a regular practice of it. Yoga is an everyday practice, a need of the time and is important for living life in a better way. Let’s see why it is needed:

• To attain inner-harmony and tranquillity for a peaceful life.
• To indulge in self-healing and improving the lifespan.
• To change the perception of life, removing negativity from the mind, and becoming more positive.
• To enhance personal power and to build confidence.
• To ignite self-awareness and forming a deep inner-connection.

Benefits of Yoga in the Modern Time

Physical Benefits- Yoga has a lot of health benefits. It strengthens the body, makes muscles and bones strong, relieves pain, reduces weight, is good for the heart, respiratory, and digestive health, cures skin issues, common cold, diabetes, and many more ailments.

Psychological Benefits- It reduces stress, anxiety, depression, provides mental clarity, improves concentration, prevents mental conditions, balances emotions, feelings, and uplifts mood. It helps to treat various mental disorders, eating, and sleeping disorders, and cures addictions.

Life science is a multidimensional aspect of treating people, and in modern life, the scope of this health care system has increased massively.