The use of the internet is widespread. Despite apprehensions as to whether you need a website for business to business communications, most of the business houses opt for websites to make their presence felt. Web communication has become an important feature of communicating about your business as well as the development of the business. The rent now is to include social networks to promote your website. The leading Conférences Guy Bolduc has the knowledge to empower business houses through his conferences to meet the challenges in the Net. He is also passionate about web and social networks.

About the specialist

Guy Bolduc himself is the owner of two agencies B-367 and Wanos Formation. He was a presenter at TVA and Radio-Canada. This he has done for about 20 years. The Conférences is noted for his lectures and training that has helped many companies in the field achieve success. The Conférences is very adept at dealing with the intricacies of the Net and the social networks. Yet he is never complacent and is ready and quick to learn anything new and trendy that could be of practical use.

Speciality of the conferences

The Conférences is up to date in this field and is quite alert to the trends in the market and addresses those issues in his lecture and training. The Conférences not only elucidates the problems that you could face but also gives tips on managing it effectively to your benefit.

Conference on use of social networks for business development

The Conférences in the course of his lecture will elucidate

• How to get a paid presence with a website and social networks.
• If you have the TYPE of personality to have success on social networks.
• What and how to publish to have an impact on your subscribers.
• How to optimize and maximize business development with LINKEDIN
• How to effectively use a FACEBOOK company page to promote business

Though the topics may sound dry, the Conférences through the right mix of humor and subject knowledge as well as his strong passion to help you achieve the best will be able to keep you in rapt attention for those 60-90 minutes.

Conference on aligning sales and marketing to the digital platform

Pre-shopping and managing inquiries for buying products on the net is a problem that most businesses face in this modern Internet era. The Conférences in the course of his lecture on the topic will provide ample guidance to your sales reps to create strong and positive contact with their prospects and customers. He will also sensitize them to understand the company’s marketing actions and thereby increase sales to match the goal.

Conference on managing negative opinions on the Net

The Conférences is quite aware that selling on the net is tricky. You may also have to face disgruntled customers who will ensure that they make their voice heard. This negative opinion might sometimes spell crisis especially when the business is new and in the developing phase. The Conférences in his lecture will not only provide tips on avoiding and defusing such negative comments but will also explain to you the best practices that you can follow to avoid such storms.

Ther are many more lectures and training sessions that are handled by the professional Conférences. He is the guy to go to for all your web related issues.