You might have seen human replicas in the display windows of different retail stores. These human replicas are called mannequins. They are also called articulated dolls or sculptures. As they resemble very much with humans they are called human replicas. They do not just resemble to human body also they can perform some features of humans too. Like humans can move their arms, legs, shoulders, knees, neck and head. Humans have facial expressions, like eyes, eye brows, smile, and abs. Mannequins are not behind their also. Realistic mannequins have all these features.

Adjustable mannequins have joints in their body parts like arms, legs, shoulders and sometimes in neck too to create a very impressive humanly look and feel. With these jointed body parts mannequins can move their arms, legs, shoulders and knees in directions same as humans. These moving body parts are used to create poses for different scenarios.

Usage And examples

Mannequins are used in many fields from medical to militia and from courts to the display windows of the stores. They are used in many fields where there is need to replicate human body. Because of their resemblance with human body they play very vital role in scenarios where humans reach is not possible. Think of movie scene where villain throw hero’s friend from a very huge building. This can be done with the use of ropes but to give realistic look to the scene director might throw a mannequin from the building.


Consider second example, military is training for a very special mission, the mission is very important and is one time, there are no second chances. Need is very sharp shooting so that nobody can flee from the scene. In this scenario mannequins can be used for target practicing of the troops. New cadets can also be trained on these mannequins.


Consider teaching CPR to a nurse, doctor or policemen mannequins are very helpful in these scenarios also as you cannot take risk of teaching them on patient who needs immediate medical attention. Mannequins can also be used in forensics for criminal investigations. They can be used to dramatize the crime scene. Also they can be used in simulations where humans cannot be used.

So we can say that mannequins are very useful for humans. But the most common use of mannequins is in the display windows where you might have seen them. Mannequins are made with different materials. It depends on the use of mannequins. Mostly mannequins are made with polystyrene and fiber glass. This type of mannequins are commonly used in display windows. Mannequins are also made with wood, foam etc.

Poseable mannequins are very helpful in display windows for marketing of products available in the store. They grab buyers attraction towards them and encourage them to pay a visit to the store.