How to Take Psyllium Husk Powder for Weight Loss?

If you are that happy go lucky person who loves food and life, then surely you are blessed! However, the only thing that might shatter you is being fat! Am I wrong? No, I am not! Don’t worry, going to gyms and lifting barbells or jumping continuously is not everyone’s cup of tea. We are easy on life and love to go with what we are. But sometimes health rings us and asks us to be precautionary as obesity is the beginning of many health issues like blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid etc.

We have a perfect natural solution for easy weight loss. It is Psyllium Husk Powder!

How is it made?

There is a plant “Plantago Ovato” found generally in India as well as Pakistan. These plants have thousands of gel-like seeds. From these seeds, the husk powder is made. This husk powder, also known as “Psyllium Husk” or “Isabgol,” is super rich in fiber, and so when we mix them in water, the mixture becomes thick.

After consumption, psyllium soaks up the water in your gut, makes the stool super soft and indirectly keeps the bowel movements easy and at regular intervals. Another good habit of Psyllium husk is it is too punctual. Once you consume, it will form a habit to regularize your stomach cleaning on equal intervals!

When your stomach is clean, your weight loss would be triggered as no fat deposits would take place in your body.

How should you consume this Husk Powder for quick weight loss?

Way 1: You may take a spoonful of Husk powder with warm water in morning empty stomach

Way 2: You can take a spoonful of this powder with hot water before sleeping or before every meal. This would make you feel full and hence you won’t be able to eat much. Indirectly, your stomach would stay light and you will stay fit.

Way 3: If you are uncomfortable with eating husk powder with water, you may add in food recipes you make. For example, bread, pancakes, cereals etc.

All the above ways would surely trigger weight loss in your body!

Who should be benefited the most by consumption of Psyllium Husk?

It is, however, advisable for all but some people suffering from certain health issues may see a drastic effect on themselves. It is as follows:

  1. Obese people would suddenly feel light and healthy with more energy than early times.
  2. Diabetic people would benefit as their blood sugar levels would be controlled by the husk powder they consume.
  3. People with cholesterol will see a big difference as their cholesterol levels would gradually decrease with regular intake.
  4. Even blood pressure stays in good control when husk consumed regularly.

However, it’s a good practice to ask your family physician and then start the consumption. As in husk has no side effects being natural but still, in some people, it may lead to some discomfort and so it’s good to ask your friendly doc or guide and then start!

Its better late than never. Start taking your dose from today for a better healthy living. Love Life and life will love you in return. If you are healthy and fit, that’s the biggest gift for your family.

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