Nowadays, Obesity Surgery in India has been sold as a magic pill for obesity issues. But how safe is the procedure of Obesity Surgery in India, and what are the risk and benefit of having Obesity Surgery in India.

There is no doubt that the obesity is a life threatening disease and it can cause type diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease and also cause breast cancer. Obesity is a disease which can destroy the people life completely and people often goes under depression due to obesity.

According to above factors, it is not difficult to understand that why people need Obesity Surgery in India. As per the study, every year nearby 2000 people undergoes for the Obesity Surgery in India and this procedure involves the stapling of a portion of the stomach which will reduce your diet which means by eating less you feel that your stomach is full.

Obesity Surgery in India is not a short cut for people who haven’t tried any other methods to reduce their weight. People who had honestly tried to reduce their weight by doing exercise, gym, dieting etc. but the lost weight comes back again and their doctor suggests them to go for the Obesity Surgery in India.

Mostly the surgeon suggests the Obesity Surgery in India to those people whose BMI is more than or equal to 40 kgs. If in case you are the one who is suffering from hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes in that case also the Obesity Surgery in India can be considered even if your BMI is more than or equal to 35 kgs.

Obesity Surgery in India is a life changing treatment and one should strictly follow the steps associated with this surgery. Following are the steps which need to be considering after having the Obesity Surgery in India:

  • You need to make a complete history of your daily diet.
  • Need to avoid all junk food and alcohol to maintain the weight
  • Need to take proper medication and dosage
  • Exercise regularly
  • Need to visit your doctor regularly for better results
  • Need to eat small portion of food

Obesity Surgery in India works by two mechanisms:

  1. Malabsorptive Surgery: In this surgery, the digestion and absorption will take place in the small intestine. The length of the small intestine will be cut short by doing this surgery so that the amount of food which you will intake will easily be digested and absorbed.


  1. Restrictive Surgery: In this procedure, the size of your stomach become smaller and you will feel full while eating less food.

Obesity Surgery in India is proved beneficial for all patients especially for international patients because the Obesity Surgery Cost in India for the international patient is very reasonable and cost-effective as compared with their own countries. In India, they will get the personalized attention and best medical care at reasonable cost and also the success rate of this surgery in India is very high as compared with other nations.

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