All of us are aware of the negative effects of smoking for our health. The smoking habit is bad for us and harms our health mentally and physically. Cigarettes contain a very dangerous substance called Nicotine which is very addictive in nature and loss our body gradually. Cigarette is used worldwide in various types like cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco and cigars. Irrespective of what form it is used in, it hurts for our bodies. Many people try to get rid of smoking but are not successful due to lack of will power. The habit of cigarettes is as bad as heroin and cocaine. The number of people who are killed by cigarettes are much more in number than any other illness in the USA. Smoking doesn’t cause only cancer, but loss every part of our body, including kidney, heart, lungs, skin, eyes and bones.

Some of the health risks are,

Autoimmune diseases

A strong immune system prevents our body from contracting various illnesses and infections. Smoking weakens our immune system and we become more vulnerable to many illnesses like autoimmune disorders like joint disease and Crohn’s illness. Joint disease, our body begins to degenerate and all the joints start losing their mobility. Not only this, smokers are also more vulnerable to type-2 diabetes than non smokers. Giving up on cigarettes will save you many such illnesses and you would be able to enjoy a better and healthier life.

Weak Bones

Youngsters who are keen smokers are more vulnerable to loss in bone density than the nonsmokers. Drinking alcohol, less physical activity and higher body weight further improve the chance of weak bones and fractures. This condition in medical term is known as osteoporosis and is normally common among older people. The primary root cause of fluctuating estrogen in females is cigarette smoking. It is better to quit smoking than facing the consequences later in the life.

Effects on Heart and Blood Vessels

Smoking can cause thickening of blood, which means that the heart has to work more to pump the blood within your body. This extra stress on the heart can cause cardiovascular illnesses. Thickening of blood can result in improved clotting of blood, which cuts down on blood flow to the heart, legs and mind. Thick blood also raises the chance of cardiac arrest. Smoking not only improves blood pressure level, but also clogs the arteries as more plaque builds up in the arteries. It is one of the reasons of cardiac problems. Medically this condition is called atherosclerosis, in which the arteries are blocked by unwanted fat, resulting in cardiac arrest and in some cases paralytic attacks.


Everyone knows that a cigarette is one of the reasons of lung, kidney, bladder, pancreas, colon, liver and stomach cancer. Cigarette contains nicotine, which is a very dangerous substance and contains more than 7000 chemicals, out of which almost 70 are cancer causing chemical.

Erectile dysfunction

Smoking does not cause only to cancer, heart attack or stroke, but is also one of the main reason erectile dysfunction in men. As we know that smoking cigarettes thickens the blood, which cuts down on blood flow to reproductive organ and boosts the chance of developing impotency. When men are not able to get enough erection it hinders their sexual life. Smoking causes sterility both in men and women.

Other Health issues

Other health problems like tired muscles, weak memory, hormonal imbalance and fat around the belly are some of the other issues of smoking.