London is famous for its nightlife, cuisine, and culture. A wide variety of people with different cultural backgrounds and traditions come together and make London a diverse city. When it comes to London, you can’t forget about its world renowned theatre. You can watch dancing musicals or some tragic Greek play. From chartbuster West End Musicals to the elite plays, London offers something to every theatre fan. Maybe you should have your tummy filled with some good pre-theatre dinner in London before heading to the venue. You might want to indulge in some exotic meals at a famous Thai restaurant. The rich flavours and an exotic after-taste of true Thai food should serve as the perfect companion while watching your favourite musical, dance or drama. However, finding the best pre-theatre restaurants in London might not be easy for some. But before going to the best pre-theatre restaurants in London we will discuss about some great theatre shows to watch out in you are in London.

Theatre Shows not to miss out on when you are in London

If you are a theatre fan then you cannot afford to miss out on these amazing theatre shows:

  • The Lion King at Lyceum Theatre: The Lion is an enormously famous London musical set alongside the magnificence of the Serengeti Plains with rhythms of Africa. The show brings back the characters of the Disney movie with real imitation of the costumes and special effects. In this show, there are more than 25 species of animals, fish, insects and birds, which are represented by puppets and actors. Just like The Lion King movie it showcases young and wild lion cub Simba enjoying an adventurous journey of his life for becoming a king.
  • Les Miserables at Queen’s Theatre: Perhaps, the second most popular show is Les Miserables at Queen’s Theatre, which is a legendary production of Boublil and Schonberg and a global stage sensation. It has been seen by more than 70 million people in 44 countries across the globe and is still breaking box office records. It is set in the background of 19th century, France. It showcases an enthralling tale of one sided love, broken dreams, sacrifice and passion.

Thinking Thai for pre/post theatre dinner in London? Try Thai Square!

Thai Square is a Thai restaurant perfect for a pre-theatre dinner in London. Thai cuisine is indeed a treat for your senses as the meals are beautifully prepared with a blend or spices and ingredients that will tickle your palate. Here you will get authentic Thai food and some of the best dishes served here include Massaman Curry—a blend of tamarind sauce, chili, palm sugar, fish sauce, cardamom and coconut milk. The mixture of spices and coconut milk give this curry a thick sweet and spicy taste. If you love stir fried noodles then Pad Thai is a classic dish to try out. It is made with dry noodles, which are stir fried with tofu, roasted peanuts, eggs, cashew, palm sugar, shallots, fish sauce, dried shrimps and tamarind pulp.

If you love Thai food then Thai Square is among the best Thai restaurants in London with more than 14 branches. It was awarded as the best restaurant award in year 2012. Along with serving the most authentic Thai cuisines, Thai Square gives you an insight of rich Thai culture and how is it different from others. When best restaurants for pre/post theatre dinner in London are discussed, not many have this rare ability to give a glimpse into Thailand’s culture – for theatre-going crowd, this cultural exposure, this intellectual vibe is a great way to vet their cerebral appetite before the take their seat in the hall. Obviously, having your tummy filled with Thai gastronomic masterpieces also means that you won’t need to bother about snacks or a growling stomach. Also, there is every chance of finding movie production crews and dreamy-eyed artists at the Thai Square!