Many tourists complain about bumper-to-bumper traffic in Los Angeles, but not many know that L.A. also offers certain streets to drive swimmingly. These streets are exceptional in their own way – be it their beauty, hairpin bends, lack of traffic or their streets-cape view.

Being the second most populated city of the United States, traffic is bound to be natural. We have listed down certain fascinating streets where you can effortlessly drive your Limo. If all you need is that perfect loud song with the window down on that perfect street, then Los Angeles might be your next travel destination. To experience such wilderness, book Air Canada tickets to Los Angeles.

And for those who are bored of shopping, dinning and beach activities, L.A. has something more to offer. All you have to do is rent a car from Sixt office, take a less traveled route and get to explore the best of the city.

Sunset Boulevard

With a length of 22-miles, Sunset Boulevard got its fame from well-known movies, chart-busters songs and of course popular writers. The street is adorned with trendy boutique hotels, tattoo parlors, high-notch saloons and huge billboards covering the buildings with street art. The sunset officially begins at Figueroa Street and ends with a splendid finish by the Ocean at Pacific Coast Highway. Hairpin curves at the sunset can also be dangerous, but it can be quite exciting as you can spot many fast cars.

Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway serves as a perfect road trip to tourists, but for the locals, it is PCH long drive to get away from the crowded metropolis. Driving on America’s most finest highway is a dream for many automobile lovers as the sun-drenched highways offer a spectacular view of the Pacific and feature designated halt spots for glittery ocean views. The highway also possesses various restaurants, beaches and attractions along the way. So those booking their Air Canada flight reservations to Los Angeles could check out this special highway here in this city.

Angeles Crest Highway

Angeles Crest Highway is one of the most scenic highways of USA, offering picturesque locations and striking views. Elevated at 7000 feet with a summit of 7903 feet, it is quite dangerous, but as we say there is no gain without pain. Apart from being treacherous, it is one of the prettiest highways you will ever see. This 66-miles route runs along the San Gabriel mountain range which also features biking and hiking for backpackers till San Gabriel Peak.

Palms to Pines Scenic Byway

This marvelous drive of 67-miles takes you from the Sonora Desert to the snow-wrapped mountains of the San Bernardino National Forest in about an hour. The drive is simply scenic with a surprising miscellany of wildlife and ecosystems en route. The journey from desert palms and whimsical forest lakes to the rough peaks of the Santa Rosa Mountains and San Jacinto is quite fascinating and serene. You’ll also be treated to the incredible broad views of the nearby San Jacinto Woods area to the east, and mountain views to the north and west.

If these scenic roads inspire you to travel, then you can book air Canada tickets to Los Angeles.