For living and meeting the basic needs, work is the only way to make money, but it can also be a mode of stress and depression. Stress at workplace and further leading to depression has been a major issue these days in the corporate life. Low level of job satisfaction from day to day work is also a reason for undergoing work stress. There are plenty of reasons, which tell us the relationship between work stress and depression. Below mentioned are a few factors, which cause depression due to stress at work:

Feeling of being undervalued

At your place of work, you will come across incidences where your dominating boss will try to judge you on every single work performance of yours. For whatever work you do; he would be happy with it but at no point, he would appreciate you for the work done. It will be just like a routine; his job is to assign you work, and your role is to accomplish the assigned task. Undoubtedly, the moment when you are unappreciated, you will end up feeling that you are undervalued and depressed.

Undergoing heavy work-pressure

Heavy work-pressure is also one of the causes for stress. At your workplace, when you have short deadlines, and lots of work to be completed, there are plenty of chances that you may feel depressed and down. Continuously working extra than the regular hours also creates stress on the employees.

Discrimination in the workplace

If you are new at a workplace, you may face situations, which would turn you down into depression. If you are highly efficient at your work and achieve targets your colleagues may feel jealous and start ignoring you. On the other side, if you are poor in your performance, then also colleagues may ignore you to avoid getting identified with you. The only way to tackle this discrimination is to create personal relationship first with the employees rather than professional one.

How can you manage work stress?

Stress management at a workplace is very essential for maintaining good health. The main formula to manage stress at work is by learning to say no. At times, it is seen that under the fear of losing the job, one says yes to all kinds of work which they aren’t comfortable doing it. Even you can look out for career change, if your current work is putting you under stress.

Learn to say No

By accepting all the tasks you may end up doing none of them efficiently. Get to know your working capacity and don’t force yourself for extra work. If you are asked to do work out of your domain field, straight away say no and have genuine reasons backing for your answer.

Get to know at what situation you feel stressed

It will be beneficial to learn to identify circumstances that can make you feel stressed. When you have developed that ability, you can easily avoid such situations and take steps to prevent yourself from going into depression.

Practicing Meditation and Yoga

It is very helpful if you are practicing yoga and meditation, which help you to feel fresh and stress free. Many organizations these days conduct such sessions for the employees to get relieved.

In the corporate world, there is no such job profile, which is totally stress-free. It completely depends on the individual employee, how do they work under work pressure. If you fail to manage to work under heavy pressure, then you are about to harm your mental and physical health. So make sure you speak out on things you are not comfortable with.