Capturing the best moments of your life is a stunning and priceless belonging for you which will become a memory to cherish for the whole life time. Camera is the compact machine which can grab all the wonderful times in a digital way, cameras has a long history from being bulky heavy to digitally compact stylish and stunning picture taking gears of today. The cameras which are used in the early days will be the film ones. Let’s compare the Film Cameras with the Digital cameras accordingly to find out which one is better to use.

Film Cameras
Film cameras is used in taking pictures in the great deal of light which help the user in taking the pictures in the light the film cameras takes ample amount of time to developed the photos in a dark red room.

No Picture Recovery
If the film which is used in the camera will be affected with more light than the pictures will be ruined and there’s no other way that you can recover the picture. At the time of its invention the film cameras si the new big thing and consumers were surprised to see the camera with this kind. the film cameras how ever has many defects which can’t be appeared in the modern day camera.

Limited Number OF photos
The film camera has a film inside which takes picture has limited number of photos and once you completely used the film roll then you should have to use another one in order to capture more images. The changing and putting a new film roll takes great amount of time which is not feasible to do when you want to capture hundred of images.

Storage of Photos is not Possible
Storage of photos is an essential option in the modern day today which wasn’t present in the film camera time you can’t store the pictures with in the camera which is very bothering for The people who want to keep track of the pictures just like they do these days.

Pictures can be stored in the paper Format
The old convention method of picture taking which are the film cameras the photos will be appeared in the paper format which takes couple of days to be seen. The film cameras used for a long period of time until the arrival of the digital cameras which has change the concept of the photography forever.

Spend Extra Bucks in Buying Film Roll
In the early times when the film camera is the great technology to use in picture taking. The consumer used to spend extra money on buying the film roll. Which is additional spending for the person besides purchasing a camera and for each event; occasion and gathering you need to spend money in buying the film roll. That’s an additional cost which used to be bear by the camera owner on the days of film camera utilization.

Digital Cameras
Since the invention of the digital cameras the concept of photography or picture taking took a whole new turn. The digital cameras has copious features which is impossible to find in the film cameras digital cameras are faster, clearer, intelligent and compact machine with which you can take hundreds of photos with in an instant.

Infinite Number OF Photos
With digital cameras photos will be taken very quickly and, lots of them, the new advance feature digital cameras can take infinite number of photos because of the higher storage capacity. Digital cameras has the luxury of taking as much pictures as you need without interruption and hassle of changing the film roll which is the case in the Film cameras.

Storage Capacity
With the digital cameras you will not only take as much picture as you want but you can store them in the camera with the higher storage capacity. And the user of the digital camera has the option to store more pictures in the memory card which is in the micro format these micro SD memory card will be quite useful in transferring the pictures from your cameras to your smart phones, computers, laptops, desktops and even in the Tabs. You will find a wide storage capacity in the memory card as well from 1GB to 256 GB or even up to 1TB. The memory storage capacity of the memory with the support of micro SD memory card is another great presentation which works exceptionally well with the digital cameras.

Store Pictures IN the Digital Format
Pictures, photographs, snaps whatever you call them these days which will be taken with the digital cameras because of the digital cameras ultimate usage and the film cameras being obsolete. Since the fully improved and advance technology is used in the digital cameras the pictures will be stored in the camera in the digital format. This means that you can take them out in whole different medium you can transfer the pictures in the USB and get it printed on the digital printing paper, Cups, t shirts, on the Panaflex and other formats as well this innovation is greatly possible due to the storage of the images in the digital format that’s has not been envision in the early days when the camera was first invented.

Quite Economical
The newest and latest versions of the digital camera might cost you more in the initial phase but they will be very economical in the longer period of time. This is because the user of the digital camera will not be spending money on buying extra film rolls which is the case with the film cameras. You just need to charger the batteries with the adapter available with the digital cameras put them inside accordingly and keep them working for a long period of time in an event, gathering and dinners. They are very economical and reasonable if you consider these factors of buying a digital camera which will please you and give you the absolute joy of digital photography.

Multiple Editing Modes
The digital cameras have the multiple editing modes which will give the user the ease and expedience to edit the pictures as many time as you want so you can make one perfect picture frame for you which will be liked by millions . This tremendous option is not available at the film camera time. The editing can be done within minutes which include color themes, facial expressions, high resolution and more sharpness all these factors combined one great picture which looks attractive, adorable and alluring to the viewer.

Take And Check Pictures Instantly
When you snap a image with the digital cameras you can check the pictures instantly then and there , so in the case if the picture doesn’t comes out right you can take another one and even if this one doesn’t looks better than the precious one then you will capture another one and the process is keep on going until you get to the point where you have the perfect picture shot. This is one of the most beneficial options of using digital cameras which allows you to capture the right image which suits you the best.

Higher Resolution
When you want to capture an image the significant difference in the pictures is due to the higher resolution which is interlinked with the number of pixels the higher number of the pixels is in your digital camera the more you shaper, better and clearer image you will get. When you speak about the digital cameras they have a wide range of numerous pixels which is mega pixels that starting from 5 mega pixels to million mega pixels even higher which is directly dependant on the price and the features you digital camera acquires.

Auto Focus Feature
The digital camera has another brilliant presentation that’s the auto focus feature, which gives ease to the user. To take pictures perfectly and precisely even when you have a shaky hand and the picture is out of focus the object or the person you want to focus will be focus automatically. That means that even when the pictures go out of focus due to any reason like shaky or shivery hands or accidentally slide of the camera from your hand the camera will be able to focus the objects which is in the user focus if you have an auto focus feature available in the camera.

Variable Lens Changing
The newest version of the digital cameras has the prime features of changing the lens variably because of getting the right picture which doesn’t blur or fade out even when zoom in to the maximum. The lens changing option is due to different photography on different locations and situations that includes wild life photography, documentaries, aerial shootings and more.

Zooming in Option
Zooming options is another tremendous presentation in the digital cameras the zoom in option gives you the clear view of the image which you want to capture in your camera the more zooming means the more up close pictures you will get the more clearer, and sharper when it comes out and its very handy and convenient option for the novice user or even with the professionals.

Easy Transfers Of The Pictures
Another known advantage of owning a digital cameras is the easy transfers of the pictures, because of the options they will provide you the digital cameras have a USB slot options in the advance models through which you can easily transfer the files to your laptops, computers, and n your smart phones so you can save them respectively and use them whenever you need to check them out. Transfer of the pictures to various platforms will be very promising options for the digital camera lover in the modern day.

In comparison of digital with the film cameras its obvious now that the digital camera is the most in demand cameras of the modern days which has all the advanced features that’s not present in the film cameras. Its greatly recommended to the people to opt for the latest camera in town which will be digital cameras of course. is presenting the best digital cameras prices in Pakistan which is not be seen anywhere. If you love digital photography then digital camera is the best option for you to have an immersive digital photo experience. Makes your photos to be cheerish for a life time and live the moment forever with the occurrence of digital cameras.