Hair transplant procedures are performed in many countries like USA, Australia, UK, UAE, not for getting India. India is almost the best country when it comes to cost-effective medical services. Many factors favor patients making it receive thousands of patients per year only for treatments and surgeries.

However, the report that comes in from ASCI fully known as the Advertising Standards Council of India is quite alarming. It is one of the powerful regulatory bodies in India concerned with public advertising. The body has reported major complaints from the advertisers, especially in the field of health.

There is a lot of competition today, especially in the hair transplant sector in India. Many hair transplant centres are being introduced with no qualified surgeons or even meeting the health standards. This has caused the rate of advertising to rise in order for them to get clients.

Deceptive advertising is the norm of the day misleading numerous patients into joining hair transplant centres that are illegally operating. Persuasive advertisement is high in the hair transplant field; but here are the facts that you must know;

Artistry in hair transplant

A hair transplant involves many skills and some of them are artistry and aesthetic abilities. Extracting hair follicles from one region to another needs great observation and care. Implanting the grafts also require artistry to fix the grafts in the right direction and angle. Total transformation happens when an expert performs the surgery

Scarring or no scarring

Any injury on the body will result in a wound which will lead to a scar. Hair transplant procedures, especially with the FUT hair transplant leaves a strip scar that. The visibility of this scar can only be reduced by aesthetic stitching or be treated by Trichophytic closure. This latest technique has produced better results compared to other methods

Postoperative care

Before a hair transplant in India, it is good to weigh your capability towards post-operative treatments. Recklessness increases side-effects and complications that may interrupt hair growth. Inform the surgeon about any infection you have ever suffered from or any chronic disease that may make postoperative treatment complicated.

Your hair is to be used

The best fact about hair transplant procedures is that your own hair is used. This reduces the chances of infections, but you must weigh the amount of hair you have. If the donor area is limited on the scalp, the surgeon will have to extract hair from the chest, beards or the legs.

Other treatment options must be considered in case there is no hair in all the above-mentioned parts

Try to find a good hair transplant clinic as well as the surgeon before you get a hair transplant surgery.