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Post Submission Guidelines

For Free Submission Please Follow Submission Guidelines

  • Your Post Title Must Be Unique.
  • Any Type of Earning Referral Link Not Allowed.
  • Direct Advertising Content or Product Promotion Not Allowed.
  • Spam link or indirectly traffic back related post not allowed.
  • P**nography/n*de content not allowed.
  • Image in post – We allow only copyright free image.
  • Please Add Thumbnail Image (Feature Image) On Your Post Otherwise We Do Not Published Your Post.
  • Without any description video post not allowed.
  • Company/Organization Promotion, Service or Sell Service Promotion Not Allowed.
  • Any Type Of Contact Address on Post Inside Not allowed (Non Profit Organisation/Police Station/Government Service Contact Address Allowed).
  • If your attaching file affected malware, Virus, spyware you must banned automatically.
  • Your post must meet a good article quality standard for readers.
  • Your submitted content must at last 500 words.
  • Hyper linking in a post – (500 words 1 hyperlink) (900 words 2 hyperlink) (1500 words 5 hyperlink)
  • Your content must be useful for reader (Ex-Educational, Tutorial,Tricks,Solution,New Technology,News) otherwise we do not published your content.
  • You must follow keyword density rules when content write.
  • Rewriting content not allowed.
  • Do not submit same article again using rewriting tool. Maybe we delete your account.
  • Your putting hyperlink must be related your post topic.
  • Harassment, Insulting Someone, Gov. Against post (any country) will be reject automatically.
  • Alcohol/Tobacco/Liquor products or content not allowed.
  • Spelling mistake, Duplicate content will rejected by moderator.
  • Do Not Submit Expire Article (expire article hunter) or article spining tool, you should ban for it.
  • Do Not Submit Content If Same Content Published Before Another Website. 
  • All article manually reviewed by post moderator it can take up 5-10 days for review an article.
  • We have right to change or delete your content any time.