eLearning has brought about a revolution in the way training and learning programs are executed in business organizations. These course materials can be easily ported to any handheld device, carried out anytime and easily understood by anyone as the content is fun, engaging and interactive in nature. There are multiple ways one can design and develop eLearning material, based on the budget available, requirements in mind and resources at hand. As long as there is a strong foundation to the content you are providing and a strong coherence between the platform and the content, you should do fine.

In this article, we will discuss the various learning aids one can use to deliver eLearning courses/material. Each learning aid discussed here is unique in its own way, perfectly serves the purpose based on the type of requirement, easy to access and easy to develop. Let’s take a look at them, one by one.

1.  Smart Phones

Undoubtedly, mobile phones are the most easily accessible learning aid ( TesseractLearning/Learning-Aids ) one can find. Every person who is willing to learn via eLearning will have a smartphone and wouldn’t mind learning from the phone as it can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Mobile phones serve as excellent learning aids for those who are always on the go, prefer portability and ease anytime, and want eLearning to be cost effective as well. One can develop interesting and interactive mobile apps that a learner can install on the phone and get started instantly. The experience can be enhanced with interesting visuals and audio content that can be delivered on a 5 inch screen.

2.  Gamification

Another popular learning aid that is highly effective and engaging, giving a very unique experience to the learner engaging with this form of content. The learning process is designed such that the learner learns by playing a game for rewards, points or trophies. This type of learning aid fuels interest and sense of competition in the learner and is ideal for team projects or activities.

3.  Web Based Training (WBT)

One of the most used learning aids in this list, WBT is also one of the oldest learning aids to be still used in eLearning ( TesseractLearning/Games ) for training and learning. These courses are ideally designed to be completed on web browsers on laptops or PCs. Such type of learning aids are well tried and tested, reliable, cost effective and easy to be developed owing to the familiarity of its nature to both eLearning professionals and business organizations.

4.  Virtual Classrooms

This type of learning aid is ideal for those organizations that aim to train multiple employees residing in different locations and the distance is a major constraint. All of these learners can be brought under a single virtual platform which very much resembles a classroom. These virtual classrooms use an interactive user-interface, multimedia rich content and also live video conferences to connect people from different locations at once.

5.  Simulation

Simulation learning aids can be used to train drivers, pilots or machine operators before they can operate the actual machines. The simulation is very realistic and gives the learner a thorough hands-on experience before performing the actual operation.