Deciding on teak garden furniture is an extremely good decision for any homeowner. You can look forward to enhancing the looks of your exterior and increase the value of your home. Besides this, opting for teak garden furniture offers many more benefits. Before deciding on specific teak furniture for your outdoors it is important to consider specific factors which ensure you are benefitted to the maximum with your choice. Teak works an ideal material for outdoors as this material has special qualities which work out suitable for all types of furniture, bit it indoors or outdoors.

The Teak Source:

There are quite a few manufacturers who tend to opt for teak in an illegal manner only to meet the market demand.  Finding out from where the teak is sourced you can be assured you are making a contribution to the environment in a big way. You can conduct your search by looking for ‘green furniture manufacturers’. These manufacturers possess the FSC certificates ensuring that the teak is sourced by legal means.

Grade of the Teak:

Teak used for any purpose, be it the teak garden furniture or even the teak tables is available in three grades, A, B, and C.  Each grade has a specific quality, colour, visibility of the knot, durability, moisture content and other characteristics. Grade A is considered to be of the finest quality and can be an expensive choice. Due to the knot visibility in Grade B the cost is lower as compared to the Grade A. With being considered as a living part and with a high moisture content, Grade C is the cheapest and probably, not worth the buy.

The Process of Production:

Ensuring the production process you can make sure of the quality of the teak garden furniture. These processes for furniture include drying of the kiln, assembling after cutting and finally accessories along with the finishing. You can ask the suppliers for the information on this production process or even look for it on the production tag.

Workmanship with Construction:

Look for craftsmanship and construction of the teak garden furniture keeping in mind that the installation of the hardware done in safe and secure manner, a smooth surface and the total furniture needs to be glue-free. This depends on your search for the suppliers of the teak garden furniture.

Choosing you are sure of good quality teak garden furniture. We provide a guarantee on the teak tables or any other teak garden furniture provided by us. You can compare our process to the prices of other suppliers. The furniture provided by our company works out cost-effective, fitting into all types of budget. We offer a wide range of styles and designs to suit your requirement. The different prices and the different designs of this furniture determine the quality.

Before purchasing the teak garden furniture you can inquire on the details and we provide all the information to you. You can even mail us for all your queries.  We believe in customer service and ensure customer satisfaction to the tee.