Summer vacations are near, and you know what it means; it’s fun time! But wait, what about the budget? Luckily, with a little budgeting savvy, you too can have a relaxing summer trip without emptying your full savings account. TheNationalHolidays have put together a simple way to keep your summer trips cost below $1000. And if you have a lower budget (or a bigger budget), you can apply the same percentages which are listed below.

Transportation Cost 25% = $250

This includes the total cost of moving around – including flights, train, rental car, and gas. For a budget of $1000, your objective should be to spend no more than $250 for all kinds of transportation. If your destination is a one way drive of 8 to 10 hours or less, you should prefer road-trip only. Otherwise you are better off taking a flight.

Lodging 40% = $400

Once you’ve decided your destination and how you are going to get there, it’s time to decide where to stay. Keep 40% of your budget ($400) for hotel rooms or rentals including taxes, parking fees, and cleaning deposits. If you are taking a flight then you can also save money by booking packages that combine your hotel and flight together.

Food 25% = $250

Plan to spend at most 25% of your budget on your meals. So even if it’s a four nights, five day trip, there’s $17 for every meal. It’s not necessary to stick to this plan; you can also rent a place with kitchen and make your own meals and snacks to save money.

Everything Else 10% = $100

Tours, bike rentals, surfing, park entrance fees – these are the things you are most tempted to spend. But even if you are on a budget, there are lots of low-cost and free fun activities to make your journey memorable.

By planning your trips with budget know-how, you can make sure you don’t break your bank with summer trip.

Visit the Packages section at TheNationalHolidays to know about our budget friendly tours. Have fun!