It frequently happens that when one hears about the word ‘Networking’ they assume that it is associated with making contacts on a personal level and building relationships with them. It is not necessary that in order to maintain connections with others one must develop personal relations with them, it can also be achieved by keeping the relations strictly professional. With the substantial rise in the number of engineers being created every year in India has increased, it has become essential that one must start building useful contacts to obtain amplified results. Students that are in engineering colleges must also acknowledge the importance of the facts that after graduation, being in contact with their alma mater is immensely beneficial for them. There are certain factors that every engineering student, as well as a graduate engineer, must understand in order to maintain essential contacts and network, the following are the factors:

Avoid assuming other people:

It typically happens that during networking processes the person that one meets might possess certain qualities that may influence one to think and assume that they might not have that many contacts. It might be possible that the other person may not possess an appealing personality, but that person might have significant contacts with people from prominent organizations. Thus, it is recommended that one should not get judgmental regarding the people they meet.

Try to be sociable:

It happens at times that when one approaches someone with vital contacts they try to lure them as much as they can by bragging about their achievements. It is necessary that one must contemplate that whether the other person is interested in listening about all the boasting or not. One must try to stay amiable yet professional. It is never too good to be a blatantly yammering individual, one must remain professional yet approachable.

Try listening overhearing:

There are huge dissimilarities between listening and hearing. When building a network it is equally important that one must comprehend the difference between these two factors. Instead of merely apprehending the other person out, one must listen to them attentively. When meeting the other people for the first time it is equally necessary that one must listen to the qualities and factors that would make them aware regarding different fields and professions.

Look for common interests:

While building contacts one must look out for common interests to start talking about. Though it is appropriate to discover mutual subjects, sometimes it might happen that the conversation might go too far. It isn’t always necessary to keep talking. One must also give other people a chance to grow contacts.

Be you and influence others:

When building contacts it might happen that one tries to fake certain skills and contacts in order to influence others. This is the most incorrect method of building contacts; it might even ruin your reputation in the future. The most substantial factor that one must keep in their mind is that instead of faking oneself and imitating someone else, an individual must showcase their own skills and abilities. The most straightforward way to impress others in the professional world is by showing who you genuinely are and what qualities you possess.

Be in contact:

It happens frequently that after meeting some professionals, one discards all the contacts with them. This should be avoided at all costs. One must try to stay connected with the people from the professional world. It happens in time and again that these contacts turn out to be enormously beneficial when it comes to the circumstances of getting hired.

Benefit yourself from the contacts

For the engineering students or graduates, it becomes immensely beneficial to gain some worth from the created contacts. These contacts come to assistance when it comes to the point of getting an interview, a referral or even establishing their own business firm.

There are around 3500 engineering colleges in India, and with the increasing demand for proficient and capable individuals, these colleges are proposing more and more efforts. The maximum engineering colleges in Nagpur, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc. are focused on creating more opportunities for these individuals. These colleges are more oriented towards conducting and backing events that would assist these individuals to establish more valuable contacts and enhance their network.