Cancer is a fatal disease and if not diagnosed in time cannot be treated. The best way to is when they are small and have still not spread. That is when they are easy to be treated and can be cured. If you attend routine screening then you can find out about cancer even before the symptoms start showing up, but if not, then here are the ways in which you can detect cancers.

It is actually very hard to detect cancer as it is not just on disease, it is a group of diseases and reading the signs and symptoms for it can be really tough. They actually depend on the place of the cancer, kits size and the extend to which it affects the organ. The basic signs to read include fever, extreme tiredness and weight loss. This happens because the cancer cells use all the body’s energy and release substances that affects the functioning of the body, making it weak ad less immune. If you see the symptoms and it is not cancer then you can visit a doctor and figure out the real cause behind it.

Reading oral cancer can be worse, but still these are the signs and symptoms you should never ignore:

Mouth sores

Most of the time the mouth sores are caused because of the bacteria and are benign. They generally get cured within a period of ten days but if the sores stick around for a longer period than that, then it could be a cause to worry about and you must look into it. The sore’s texture can also help you figure out if it is something to worry about. If the ulcer is thick and hard, then it can be a sign of oral cancer.

Bad breath

When the oral cancer starts spreading and causes ulcers, the bacteria could affect the sore. These bacteria leave behind them a foul smell, which is different from the foul morning breath and it doesn’t go away even after you brush the teeth. The pain in mouth also makes it difficult to swallow, and the bacteria stays back in the mouth causing serious problem.

Red/ white patches

It is unlikely that you would find such patches in your mouth. However, if they do pop up on the gums, tongue or other areas, then they could be pointing towards the tumor, which still might not not be cancer but you must definitely have it checked, especially if it has been more than two weeks.

Ear pain

If you are having pain in the ear and it affects only one part of the head, then the reason is not in the ear. The nerves in the back of the mouth, that connect to the voice box are also linked to the ear. Ear infection are common in adults but they usually affect both the sides. However, if it is only one side, you must get it checked.

It is very important to find out about the oral cancer before it spreads for the doctor to be able to cure it. If you see any of these signs, it is suggested that you get the dentist appointment at the earliest.