Marketing has always been the essence of offline business field. In the same manner, we have digital marketing to serve the needs of eCommerce. Though the realm of digital marketing is quite dynamic.

Over the past several years, online marketing has changed a lot in terms of platforms, customer’s preferences and some other aspects. So it becomes crucial for the marketers to remain up-to-date on the latest technology trends.

The most popular digital marketing platform nowadays is mobile apps. Due to the proliferation of smartphones, mobile commerce has increased to a great extent. More people have started to browse only rather than going to physical storefronts.

Mobile apps convert approximately 300% higher than mobile websites on an average. As per Smartinsights,

“mobile apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites.”

Considering such growth, it has become paramount for the digital marketers to offer exceptional mobile commerce experiences with on-demand native mobile apps to your potential customers. This way they can accelerate their sales and boost eStore’s engagement.

There are many leading platforms like Shopify that offer easy mobile app integrations. It is a powerful platform that can allow you to easily build mobile apps that help you to run business wherever you are.

It is no more a secret that mobile traffic can help you boost conversions and profits of eCommerce trade. But most of the mobile buyers can leave your mobile platforms if they find it hard to operate or lack of responsiveness.

There are many Shopify apps available that can convert your Shopify store in a mobile app (iOS, Android) seamlessly. Additionally, you can recruit Shopify eCommerce experts to build customized mobile apps as per your business needs and convenience.

Apart from choosing a Shopify app or hiring experts for mobile app building of your eStore, you need to take care of several areas as per the shifting demands of today’s consumers. Below are some of the necessary features that you need to opt while going for a mobile commerce:

Easy to use with single tap features

Every technological advancement is making your consumers dependable on it to a great extent. Nowadays, everyone wants a complete leisure and less input of efforts when it comes to online shopping. They want everything ready with a single tap of their thumb.

So, you need to build a mobile app that has call-to-action buttons like one-touch call to your customer care. Today’s customer does not want to go to contact us page then copy the number and dial it further. If this will be the scenario, most of them will not even put efforts.

Many of us have seen a no. of mobile apps have various one-touch features that make them easy to use and navigate. Simply tapping ‘call us’ button the system dials the number and get your customers connected to you.

In the same manner, you can have one-touch features for GPS directions as well. Overall, such features are becoming extremely popular in the current spirited online trade environment.

Social Media Integration

Social media presence is becoming inevitable for almost every single digital platform. Our audience is so much digging into this social media trend that it has become hard to bring their attention outside.

Thus, integrating social media icons and links in your mobile app shall lead you towards the best marketing strategy.

39% of online shoppers say, “They prefer to shop via social networks”

The increasing trend of social shopping is the result of an individual’s wish to be in the live stream. It generates credibility for the brand as well and consumers feel connected.

So, simply allow your customers to get an instant access to your social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc to receive a great and instant response from them.

Push Notifications

Consumers like to feel special everytime they visit your mobile app. A no. of marketers are making mobile app marketing more tempting and interesting with push notifications.

Push notifications are generally instant messages (in the form of mobile text messages or mobile alerts) that you can send to your consumers to educate them about ongoing promotions, discounts or any other new launch.

Final Words

There is always more to building a powerful mobile app. Apart from these above-mentioned areas, you can opt for many other features that are specific to your targeted niche.

Over the past several years, many people have followed the trend of online shopping very seriously and have successfully adopted new buying trends.

Being a digital marketer, you always need to look for new ways to reach out to your potential customers. And, when it comes to building mobile apps for your eCommerce trade, there are many experts available in the market that can assist you with a complete range of app development services.