Why should you go for Microsoft Office 2016 Promo Code subscription?

Working together gets easy: – Office 2016 increases your productivity and makes it easier for you and your team to share and work on documents at the same time. A feature like co-authoring will let you see what other are editing in the document and History will allow you to refer back to your previous documents whose part of the section you might have deleted by accident. For sharing the documents one can use the new attachment features in Outlook where you can attach files from OneDrive and can automatically configure permissions without leaving your Outlook. One can review, edit, and analyze the documents and share them across multiple devices. From PC or Mac to Apple and Android phones and tablets, your office can be carried across all the devices.

Office 2016 helps you in achieving results quickly: – Office 2016 Promo Code if you are lost with so many commands while working on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Find command Tell Me will assist you in looking for any particular command. You can perform fast checking with a Bing Smart Lookup feature. Smart Lookup makes use of highlighted text and context present in the document to provide a search result from the web within your Word document. Excel new charts will make visualization of financial and hierarchical data much better and one-click forecasting can help you in obtaining an analysis of future trends from the quick conversion of historical data.

You can take your office with you through office 2016 suite: – Office applications make use of touch for reading, editing, navigation, and zooming. By using digital ink you can write notes or make annotations. You can save all your important documents, videos, photos and much more on Cloud Storage and can switch and share from on device to another with ease. Regardless of the device, office apps start from you exactly left working. You can work in an office cabin or in a park and can remain connected to your family, friends, and project groups.

Office 2016+Windows 10= your life gets sort out:- Integrate Cortana with Office through Office 365 and let this brilliant software helps you in getting things done quickly. Windows 10 Office mobile apps are optimized for on-the-go productivity and they are touch-friendly and fast. By simply saying “Hello” Windows will log you into your PC and Office 2016 in one step.

Office 2016+Office 365=you get best of both world: – Office 365 subscription plans come with a fully installed version of Office 2016 applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook for PC and Mac.1 TB cloud storage on OneDrive will let you remain connected with family and friends and if you need any help regarding Office 2016, your Office 365 subscription can let you get free tech support from trained Microsoft experts.