SOJ Microbiology and Infectious diseases (SOJMID) is an International, open access journal, published by the Symbiosis Online Journal (SOJ) publishing group. SOJMID publishes scholarly articles pertaining to all microbiology and infectious diseases.

The main intention of SOJ Microbiology and Infectious diseases journal is to form a platform for the people to publish their meticulous research work which they have carried out related to any infectious diseases and the microbiology behind it. The journal focuses on many new discoveries in terms of identification of new microbial stains and the infectious diseases they cause.

The field of microbiology includes the study of both beneficial flora that are used in the industrial production of various antibiotics, in food industry, as biosensors, biofertilizers and biopesticides and those harmful microbes and the infectious diseases caused by them.

SOJ Microbiology and Infectious diseases publish articles with regular volumes and issues with no compromise in the peer review process. The journal has its issues on regular basis with the help of its renowned and potential editors and reviewers team. SOJMID accepts original research, review papers, case reports, editorials and short communication in the field of Microbiology and Infectious diseases. However, authors should authenticate that the manuscripts submitted to SOJMID is not submitted elsewhere for publication.

The main focus of the SOJMID journal is to expose the existing and innovative happenings that occur in the field of Microbiology, including both beneficial effects and Infectious diseases.  The journal also invites manuscripts based on laboratory studies related to human and animal infectious diseases and the methods to outcome such infections. It targets people like microbiologists, research scholars, scientists, eminent professors, pathologists, virologist and microbial professionals.

SOJ Microbiology and Infectious diseases has previously published articles related to Helicobacter pylori, Cutaneous Nocardiosis, antifungal drugs, cyanobacteria, Role of Metagenomics in the Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases, Dermatophytosis, respiratory syndrome viruses, dengue infection, Chikungunya Virus, etc.

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