The boxer briefs are one of the cornerstones of every man wardrobe thanks to the fact that they can be worn in front of the most different pants and trousers, not to mention jeans. They fit closely to skin, leaving enough space for everything and providing you a lovely comfortable feeling. No, you would not feel like you are naked, but you will be sure that everything stands just as they should. But some men find that they never actually have enough comfort and wear boxer briefs for men with some changes.

Button fly boxer briefs

The lovely hybrid reminiscent to classic front opened models, but thanks to the elastin in the fabric it can not stay in its place just for itself and need buttons to stay close to each other. Some men enjoy wearing it, but others wear it as a trendy model with a few lovely details. Initially, the fly in boxers allowed men to pee in clothing, and if that sounds strange for you, it was intended in time when the purpose of the cloth still was and to protect the body from the weather conditions and stay warm. If you remember the old western movies, you will see that some other men’s garment has even the solution to make free the back part of the body. But today, men do not pee outside that muck and you know, it is much easier to stay warm when you are in the house, while you are out of it.

Some of the today’s models still have a fly with the buttons because some people using it, especially when they are in 3-piece suit, using the fly sound like a reasonable choice. On the other side, it is tradition, and some men just love tradition. From 1935 and the first boxers, they have the certain style. The manufacturers enjoy keeping it although men that wear button fly boxer briefs do not use it for the original purpose, anymore, then just as a sign of respect.

Silk boxer brief

Men silk boxer briefs are mostly silky because they can not be 100% silk and fits that way. They do have some elastin and provide lovely feeling on the skin, but they have certain requirements when it comes to maintenance. As the percent of the natural silk is higher, and the requirements are raising. Namely, pure silk demands dry washing and only in a specific position or it gets “wrinkle.” Know as one of the strongest natural material, with the soft and delicate touch on the skin, according to dermatologist and doctors, the silk is not the proper material for underwear. If you have extremely sensitive skin and wear it, that can have some negative impact on your health, or very positive impact because of its cooling effect. I can not say for granted that the best briefs for men are made from silk, but I can say that the best material is one that you enjoy the most and that is gentle to your skin.