Does my heart speak? Yes, not only when you’re happy, but also when you’re in danger.Most of the heart diseases give signals when it faces problems. Though it doesn’t message you, it works abnormal and make you feel the difference. These signs vary from person to person. That’s why it is important to learn the heart-language now!

Abnormal heart beat

Normal pulse rate for adults is 50 to 70 beats per minute. Athletes and persons who are fit, generally have their heart rate below 50 beats. The heart rate higher than 70 is abnormal. Anxiety, fear and depression may increase the heartbeat. But if you experience the same even when you’re normal, you must see your doctor.

Elephant sitting on your heart

This is one type of example for heart discomfort. You may feel pain, pressure, stress and difficulty in breathing. These are the most common danger bells to heart diseases. If the pain exists more than 10 minutes along with burning, you should call your doctor.

Nausea and stomach pain

These symptoms are most commonly seen in women than in men. Vomiting is normal during indigestion and when you eat unhygienic food. But if you don’t have upset stomach or any common symptoms related to indigestion, it can be a sign for heart attack.

Severe pain

Another message that your heart leaves is “pain”. It can be anywhere in the body. But mostly, you may feel pain in your left arm or pain that spreads out from heart to upper arm. Don’t ignore thinking that you worked hard in office and that is the reason behind this pain. If safety measures are not taken immediately, it may kill you.

Increased BP

If you’re a heart-patient or if you suffer from high blood pressure level, you can read the mind of heart. You may experience sudden dizziness, difficulty in breathing, excess sweats, etc. keep your blood pressure level checked and call the doctor right away if you face any of these problems.


We think snoring is a part of sleep just like coughing. That’s true! But what does loud snoring mean? When you snore loud, you stop breathing for several times and letting heart to work under pressure. This may lead to heart attack.

Will you listen to you heart now? Let heart wins when it comes to health. Go for a routine health checkup to escape from a fearful life.

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