In-store Kids Corner

I personally have always seen hospitality professionals turning a regular service to the spectacular customer service with their interpersonal skills and core behavioural training.

Adding value to the standard set of services is a part of their work culture and the need of an hour. Giving every customer a unique site experience and happy checkout is their duty and responsibility.

But among all these efforts, one thing which left uncovered and unattended is the need and comfort of young guests at hotels/resorts.

To add comfort of young guests into the array of their services, we have some excellent suggestions that will keep the young customers happy and the value of hotel customer services enhanced with no extra efforts.

Take a look

  • Designing and developing a special area for kids, where the selected gaming modules can keep them engaged and entertained while their parents can have some relief from the hectic cores.
  • The gaming corner should be filled with the games which are safe to play and have no sharp edges for the little bundles of joy.
  • The color coatings on the games should be non-toxic, and the play area should be hygienic so that parents can leave them happily and freely in the gaming zone.
  • The easily cleanable gaming modules will keep your place look cleaner and wider. Moreover, one can also try for the board games that takes no extra space and can simply be installed on the walls.
  • If you use child safety certified gaming modules in the kids’ corner of your hotel, it will add to the brand quotient of your place.

 Benefits of having In-store Kids Corner at your place:

  1. A well-designed gaming corner can keep the young customers happy and entertained.
  2. The engaged kids’ means parents will get a chance to stay longer and enjoy at your place.
  3. You will witness regular visits and increased number of loyal customers because of business’ popularity with young guests.
  4. You will be offering complete customer care package for the whole family.
  5. It will help in keeping the employees focused, eliminating all the distractions from naughty kids.
  6. It will add value to your brand name.
  7. Everyone will feel positive vibes around the arena.
  8. Help you in making kids comfortable and feel at home
  9. Gives you chance to create more visibility and brand awareness among the people.
  10. Happy kids ultimately lead to happy parents.

By now, you being a hospitality entrepreneur must have surely recognized the need of play area with the right playing equipment at your hotel. What profit this idea can give to your business can only be felt after the implementation of this already successful project.

Customised playing modules from KINDERENA are Bureau Veritas Certifiedfor child safety and are completely safe and hygienic to play with. Confirming to the Indian and European Safety Standards, our gaming modules helps you in making your area more child-friendly and giving best hosting environment to your helping staff.