Thekkady is a nature seeker’s paradise. It is here that you get to see the myriad of colors of nature. The vast plantations of Thekkady offer a range of activities like a day trip, hike through the coffee plantations, and other prominent activities like trekking, birding, and canoeing make for the perfect tourist attraction.

In the vast nature of Thekkady, there are places like Gavi, for to where jeep safaris are available. The entire stretch of vast landform around looks terrific and majestic. Adding to the experience, there is wilderness retreat that offers a range of activities along with the jeep safari. Some of the activities are trekking, and birding, right in the heart of the majestic biological garden entwined between the valleys and tropical forests.

For every nature lover, a jeep safari in Thekkady is just too good! As you drive a jeep and roam through the vast outdoor of Thekkady, the views are just incomparable but you have to be careful about a few things in particular. Especially you have to be mindful of the surroundings and make sure that you go around with a guide who knows well about the place located amidst the vast wilderness.

As you stroll the area the magical views of the outdoors await you. Along with safari, there are quite a few things to do in Thekkady that must be accomplished.

The entire stretch of greenery in Thekkady is full of green that houses indigenous wildlife species and mystic hills and valleys, tropical forests, sprawling grasslands, shoals, cascading waterfalls and cardamom plantation. You can also spot endangered species like lion-tailed macaque; Nilgiri Tahrs. If you choose to go for a jungle trek, make sure that you are well equipped and are walking with someone who knows the place well. Morning is the best time to take a jeep safari here.

If you have some moments to spare you can also plan a trip to the Periyar National Park which is located 16 km. from the Thekkady city center. Next up is Periyar Tiger Trail which is again perfect for a jeep safari. Here you can find the best of the Tigers in Kerala, South India. Looking for more adventure? Go for Bamboo Rafting which is rather located at a distance of 1-km from the the city center. Thekkady Lake located 5 km from the city center is a perfect commodity for an eventful day out in the midst of nature. Nature walk and border hiking are among the other preferred activities for people planning a jeep safari to Thekkady.

Approximate tariff: INR 6500 (two persons), INR 2500 per person up to six people

Note: Additional INR 50 would be charged as forest entry fee (INR 500 for foreigners)

The once in a lifetime safari ride must be taken when you are in Thekkady. Along with safari and trekking, you can actually take up a lot of activities that would make for a memorable vacation. When you are around in Thekkady make sure that you enjoy the best of jungle trails and explore the wilderness at its maximum. A day out on a jeep safari in Thekkady is just perfect for every nature enthusiast as this place encompasses the best of biodiversity found in the vastness of the Western Ghats.

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