Store managers are responsible for daily operations of retail stores. The success of the store is dependent a lot on their performance. They may also work in this job position with the Military, Air Force, Hospital, and companies that function through a store. The selection is mostly dependent on how well you perform during the interview. However, every fresher or experienced face nervousness while taking an interview. Being prepared is the only way to answer questions confidently. If you have been called for a store manager interview, read these questions and answers before going.

Introduce Yourself

Many interviews start with this simple question. Don’t try to express each and every detail about you, make it short and relevant. Try to cover important points such as educational details, experience, your strengths, etc. You can answer it like:

“Hello, I am Leo. I am from Louisiana. I have completed my post graduation diploma in human resource management and marketing. Currently, I am working at XYZ and I have 2 years of strong experience of assistant store manager. I am very passionate and energetic.”

Why Do You Want This Job?

Be specific while answering this question as store manager means you should be good at management of different things. You can share experiences which represent your management skills. For instance, “Sir, management is in my blood. Here is the reason, my father gave me toys when I was a child. I preserved those toys very well as they are still in a good condition even today. Also, when I was in a hostel, I regularly keep my room clean and tidy. I used to arrange books properly in the shelf.” Further, you can also add the skills you have learned through your current job.

Do You Know Your Roles and Responsibilities?

This question highlights how much do you know about the job. Don’t simply say “yes”, try to elaborate it. “Yes. Store manager is a big responsibility. You have to manage every single employee to keep routine operations as per the schedule. Also, you need to find a quick fix in unpredictable problematic situations without interrupting work flow.” For more roles and responsibilities of this position, you can refer resume sample for Assistant Store Manager here.

Tell Me About Your Previous Experience

This question can be a turning point if you want to get selected for this position. You can start by introducing ex-organization in couple of lines. Explain exact work scenario and your contribution there. Any achievement or reward can be a plus point. Answer it in this way:

“It was a great experience working with XYZ. I joined XYZ as a trainee employee and soon got promoted as an assistant manager. My hard work paid off. I was responsible for handling a team of 20 people. My team received ‘Team of The Year’ award as we achieved the given target of getting 1000 customers for the company in a record time. In the same year, I received ‘Emerging Employee’ award too.”

How Will You Handle Situation Under Pressure?

Show the interviewer your calm attitude. Try to convince him/her that you are good at working under pressure. For example, “Yes, situations can be worse sometimes. You may lack resources or you have deadlines to complete work at the end of every week/month/year. As a manager, it is my job to motivate team members during stressed situations. Also, I do regular exercise and yoga to keep myself mentally and physically fit. So I don’t think working under pressure can affect my work.” In fact, I love working under pressure because it gives an opportunity to taste my skills.

How Will You Handle Problematic Team-member In Your Team?

This kind of question can be tough. First, explain the different situations why team-members can be problematic. They may come late, remain absent without informing, resort to abnormal behavior, etc. Then explain its impact on productivity of a store. You can answer this like-

“It can be tough to handle such team-members. But I feel speaking to them on one-on-one basis can help understand their problems. I will try my best to solve their issues. For example, if he/she has any issues regarding salary, then I will discuss the problem with higher authority. If the situation is same even after convincing him/her, I will talk with the higher management, whether to keep or fire that employee. After all, it is my duty to terminate person who causes negative influence on others.

How Will You Handle Unhappy Customers?

There are many reasons a customer could be disappointed. Sometimes, it can be a fault in product, or it could be unfriendly behavior from your team member, or the product must not have reached the customer in time. Give a satisfactory answer. Don’t say that “I will guide my team well to behave good with the customers.” Instead, say that “Well, first I would like to know the exact reason behind disappointment of the customer. If it has caused due to the management, then I will sincerely apologize and give assurance that it will not happen again. Or if there is an issue in product , I will replace the product or refund the customer if necessary.”

The questions and answers provide above are given after having a chat with a couple of store managers from the retail industry. It is not necessary that you may be asked the same during the interview. Therefore, besides being prepared with these questions, research on other questions and answers as well. That will surely help you in nailing the interview.