When you look at the kinds of resources that are available to you especially in the social media platform you will see that Instagram is perhaps the best one to provide you with lots of opportunities to hone your skills. Right from the captions for your pictures to drafting tables, you can leave your supplies overnight without having anything to worry about them. As a young designer, Instagram will provide you with all that you need to put together for your profession without requiring much help.

It is easy to learn the craft when you need to make something that you respect in the design and artistry that will work for yourself. You will be able to articulate to people those who work for and with you. You will come to know easily what you need to talk about making it easier for you to create good designs.

Add to that the influencers will push the limits of good design even higher with their work so that your work grabs attention of the viewers. It is all due to the focus on the relationship that Instagram allows you to create with your followers. This eventually will help you to leverage your work as well as online presence to create a buzz and at the same time help you to lift your design just like an established designer.

Visual and inspirational platform

Instagram is not only the best visual platform that you will find but it is also the most useful and effective channel to gather inspiration from other users. You will often see big names and brands copy from several indie designers. You should not take it as a negative feature of Instagram thinking that you cannot protect your work if you post it on this platform. On the contrary, you should think it in the other way round. When others can copy your work or take inspiration from it, why cannot you do the same as well?

However, if things really goes out of hand then you can indeed consider the legal protections provided to young designerswhose work may be stolen by other larger brands having a larger following and lot of other resources.

  • Though the process of litigating an intellectual property perjury case is costly, you can always take help of the law.
  • The key is to be cautious with your approach and check your Instagram profile on a regular basis. Also make sure that you update it regularly to protect your work from the copycats.
  • Also make sure that you are more selective about the things you share so that you give little chance to others to capitalize on it. Censor your work virtuously and prudently so that it does not prove to be counterproductive.

Remember, as long as the consumers of social media platforms are using platforms like Instagram to find out new designs and engage more with them, you will have to face the fact and reality of leveraging new platforms as a young designer. It is for this reason you should take help of experts such as Gramblast to be safe and sure about your success.

Here to stay

Accept that fact that Instagram brands exist and they are here to stay only if it is used carefully to be successful to have a huge fan following. It is good for all and not only for the graphic designers as there are a few facts and reasons behind it.

  • It allows you to be social. It may sound very obvious as this is all about social media networks after all but if you consider the power of interacting with your social media community you will understand the true meaning of it. Replying to comments on your feed, chatting with people you follow and visiting other profiles that you like is the best and most effective way to establish a strong connection with your users and foster communication.
  • You will find one too many creative ways to engage your followers. You may get wordy by writing interesting captions, providing info on your work and the working process, including questions every now and then, and even using humor and fun elements if it suits your vibe. This will not only engage your audience more but will also make it enjoyable for you to readthe responses.
  • You can easily start a conversation or engage people into a contest or giveaways. The new ‘ask questions’ feature will give a fun opportunity to people and help you to know them better. Running raffles will prompt people to respond as everyone wants to win something. The prizesneed not be anything flashy. It can even be a signed copy of any of your works.
  • Sharing seems to be the best form of caring as always and if you repost contentsthat interest or inspire you, it will only substantiate this fact even further. You will find a large and varied array of sources of your inspiration that will be very useful for you to produce contentsthat are good, catchy and at a fast enough rate. Just make sure that you have the permission of the accounts that you are reposting from.
  • You will be able to give your fans a lot of things they love depending on the type of offering you make. This will help you to create a community in your productadding a personal touch in your posts.
  • You can collaborate with other designers bartering skills. This is a great way to be more creative in your work and it will surely put you in a win-win situation. Proper collaboration is all about helping each other in the areas of each in which they are less confident about thereby complimenting the skills of one another.

In a nutshell, the result of using Instagram is that you will gain more exposure, reach to the right target audience, do cross-promotionon other social media channels. All these will bring it more traffic expanding your reach and online presence.