Did you know that the Italians rank first on the list of healthiest people in the world? Is it the geographical location, the lifestyle or food? The answer could be all of them, with food being the major factor. The Italian cuisine follows the Mediterranean way of cooking food and lavishly uses nutritious and healthy ingredients, making them one of the healthiest foods in the word. Below is a list of a few ingredients that go into the preparation of your favourite Italian dishes, which you can find in all cool restaurants in London.

1. Red Wine: For Mind and Heart

Red wine is exclusively used in many delectable Italian dishes. Be it eating the main course Italian food with red wine or having your basic pasta boiled in the wine, this magical ingredient takes your dining experience to a whole new level. You seldom realize that this ‘red wine’ not just soothing to your taste buds, but was also good for the body. Rich in phytonutrients, the red wine is known to be great for heart health. There is nothing more you can ask for!

2. Farro: Energise Yourself

Farro is a type of ancient wheat grain, which is common in Mediterranean and Ethiopian cooking. This is a tasty way to get the whole grain into your diet. Luckily, it has also reached the Italian kitchens. The most striking thing about it, is its high-fibre content, which makes it great for the heart and super good for digestion. But that’s not all. Farro is more than just a regulator. It is also good for athletes, as it provides them with energy. So, next time an Italian beats you in a game of Rugby, don’t be surprised.

3. Ricotta Cheese: For That Cheesy Glow

This is one of the healthiest cheese around. You might have got a fair dose of it if you have tried dishes like, cheesecake, Italian meatballs, pasta and of course the pizza. The cheese is power-packed with minerals and vitamins, which provides you the essential hair and skin care you deserve. Ricotta cheese also gives a natural glow to your skin. Next time when you feast on a pizza at an Italian restaurant in London, remember that you are on the way to getting beautiful, glowing skin.

4. White Beans: Helps with All The ‘Weighty’ Issues

Italian dishes often use white beans, and this is a common ingredient in Tuna and chicken recipes. Their rich protein and potassium content make then an ideal choice for both lunch and dinner. Being one of the few food sources that actually provide you Molybdenum, these are excellent for detoxification of your body. White beans also help you to deal with your stress better. Also, they are extraordinarily good at helping you lose your weight. This is one of those all-in-one package ingredients.

5. Figs: The Much-Awaited Autumn Treats

Native to the middle east and western Asia, these cherished seeds are mainly grown in autumn. Many Italian desserts plus dishes like ham bruschetta and pasta have these as ingredients. The seeds have tons of health benefits – ranging from improving symptoms in diabetic patients to reducing the risk of several kinds of cancer. They also help in preventing vision loss in aged people. So, next autumn, do not forget to scale up your Italian food intake.

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