Managing people is a tough and an onerous task. Each and every individual, at some point in his/her life faces situations of managing people. Be it playing in a football team in college or planning a trip, effective management of people is critical if you want to win a match or want to plan an excursion. The task of managing people gets more difficult in a career, for example, human resource professionals , managers or team leaders in organizations have responsibilities of managing people day-in-day-out. So in order to successfully fulfill their duty, they need to learn qualities that can be instrumental in achieving that goal.

Learn to communicate effectively

Effective communication is the key aspect of management. An effective communicator is the one who recognizes people, and communicates with them accordingly. Listening is also a part of communication, and having the ability to listen and understand your co-workers can play a significant role in managing them. People feel superior when others actually listen to what they have got to say. And considering the opinion of your co-workers would make them feel good and will also boost their self-confidence. Hence, managing them will be a lot easier because being receptive to them will also reciprocate the same.


Managing people basically requires understanding their mental conditioning. And when it comes to managing people in an organizational parlance, you need to be socially adept as there are people from different backgrounds, cultures and up-bringing. So the more you socialize, more is your exposure to different kinds of people, which can help you to understand them better. So, even if you are a head of a company, develop the habit of carrying out discussions with the people. You can also draft policies or adapt management practices such as ‘Quality Circles’ that ensure regular interaction amongst the employees and the management.

Reward them

It is important to appreciate people who work for you. Appreciating them is a good way to express their work is being recognized. Most of the companies lack this culture, and as a result, the employees over there are in discontent with the management. Therefore, an organization that doesn’t value the efforts of their employees often faces difficulty in managing and retaining them. So a work culture where every person is valued for his/her contribution, is good for nurturing a healthy and enthusiastic work-environment which is easy to manage.

Create a proper feedback system

Feedback is an effective way of quantifying your own ability to manage people and operations in an organization. And when it comes to manage people, it is necessary to provide them with a proper feedback system so that they can express themselves about how they feel, and you can have a direct input from your employees. Furthermore, a good feedback system also provides the opportunity to work on your shortcomings. So all in all having a systematic infrastructure for a feedback mechanism can help you in improving your management techniques, and help you manage people.

Read management books

Reading can be an effective way of learning. Reading books by authors having a successful career in management can enhance your learning process as you can actually get inside the brain of the person and get useful insights about his/her thinking patterns, and ways in which they can be helpful to you in achieving your goals. In addition to that reading completely changes your perception about everything else and contributes significantly in your overall development.

So, importance of managing people cannot be undermined. And even if you don’t have the knack to manage people, you can still learn and improve the way you manage people. Hence, by following the given steps, it is possible to manage people effectively.

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