What should my newsletter contain? Where should each item be positioned? These are some common questions that professionals and business people often ask when they decide to use newsletters. In this post, we explore some of the most important components that you should look for in a sample newsletter template.


Your newsletter should provide direction to clients who subscribe and follow the business regularly. The template you select should, therefore, have a clear way of calling clients to action so that they can be part of your community. For example, you can ask the clients to buy your service in order to recover a freebie or enjoy a discount. You can also call them to attend a webinar or follow a new product on your business.

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Upcoming events calendar

The events calendar provides the business with a perfect opportunity to inform clients what to expect and when. For example, a lawyer looking for a professional newsletter could have a calendar of the next legal clinics and webinars for clients to anticipate.
Testimonials from a lead or past clients
As a unique selling point, check for templates that have testimonials from a lead. This is the section that will tell the story from the successful client’s point of view. Every new reader will want to get a similar experience.

Full contact information

Because you want every subscriber to be able to reach your business easily, the template should have a section for all the contact information. For example, you should be able to add the email address, telephone number, customer support line, and fax details.

Professional looking layout

The outlook of the newsletter template should be appealing so that your target clients can follow you. Compare all the different templates to pick the one that matches well with your business, has lovely color combination, and enthralling columns.