Cubicles aren’t part of the ideal workplace anymore. Today, the modern offices are a complete opposite. They are converted in a big open space, where everybody is sitting in the same room and it is extremely easy to communicate. Is the open space really the ideal workplace we are talking about? Not really. The ideal workplace would be somewhere between the cubicles and the open space. But, what does that mean?

Separate teams

Every company has teams for advertising, programming, executing and others. Every team has its own way of working. For example, advertising team loves to debate, programmers, love to work in silence. If you put them all in the same space you will eventually end up with frustrated people. If you are a big company, you have to reconsider separating your teams in areas where they can work alone. Even though an open space is a good idea, in this situation it can bring you more harm than benefits. If you want to hold onto the open space feeling you can separate the room with glass walls.

Install good quality furniture

There are good quality ergonomic chairs on the market and there are chairs made especially for offices. They don’t have to be extremely expensive, they just need to be good. You have to keep in mind that people are sitting in those chairs 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and that their health is important. When your employee has a pain in the back, he can’t focus on the work. That means the performance won’t be good and he will be miserable, because of the back and the performance. Getting a good quality chair is an investment in your worker who has to be satisfied to give his best during workhours. The same thing is with everything they do. With the lighting, the desk, the kitchen… Everything you can, you have to adjust to your employees.  

Help them with stress

Stress is around us and that is a fact. There are days when the stress level is under control and there are days when you just want to bang your head in the wall. In those (bad) days it is a good idea to have something in the office to help release the stress. A game table like foosball is a great addition to the office. Even one match can do wonders with reducing stress. It is a short match which lasts about 5 minutes. Those 5 minutes can do wonders for stress because the entire negative energy goes out through the rods on the table. 5 minutes later, everybody is good to go.

As you see, you don’t have to spend millions to make an ideal workplace. You have to think about your employees and what you can do for them. The company itself is nothing without the team standing behind it and that is something you should remember.

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