Today, Indian Administrative Service (IAS) exam is one of the toughest exams in India. Applicants work very hard in order to clear the 3 stages that precede the last recruitment and become an integral part of the civil services of India. There are 3 main stages, IAS prelims exams, IAS mains exam and the interview round. The question paper is extremely challenging in both the examinations and allows only the best applicants to clear the examination.

Both the examinations are equally tough and require a thorough preparation. The question paper is created by the best staff of UPSC and makes sure that candidates with the best preparation and high general awareness volume are chosen. A large number of candidates are refined down and only a few are selected for the last level, i.e. the interview round. They are finally decreased to a small number which is finally chosen for the IAS training. Therefore, if you are planning to get ready for IAS you should give in months of preparation with whole commitment and dedication.

It is way beyond other careers and leads to along a certain stature and standing that no other job can provide you. However, even in civil services, there are specific jobs which have gained more popularity compared to others. Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is just one this kind of job offered by civil services of India. Like the rest of the service, IAS recruitment also needs clearing of the IAS examination and interview.

Clearing the IAS examination to establish by UPSC is a very hard job. Your preparation must be the best in order to get high scores and arrive at the interview level. Practicing is the best method to improve your excellence. There are many model question papers available in Simran IAS Academy. With a good preparation and the help of IAS Coaching in Chandigarh, you can easily clear the IAS examination and the interview round as well.

It is a vision comes true, whenever you become an IAS officer. However, the process that precedes the final victory is very tough.

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is a great profile job. It provides you the power to make changes in the society. You are placed in strategically job based on your ranking in the merit list after your training session is finished. People say life before IAS is tough, however, once you whole-heartedly decide to the preparation and clear the examinations, life is much more luxurious and worth living. You are not just given good earnings but also extra perks which no other job gives you. A house and a proper care are also allotted to you, which would put you one notch above compared with others.

The job offers a high salary and many extra facilities which are usually not available in several top-notch jobs of today. Also, an IAS officer is given the very important responsibility of handling the bureaucracy meaning that they become an important part of the administrative block of the government sector.

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